7 Ways Teens 👧👧 Can Be Activists 👍 ...

No matter what people say, teens can be activists! You're at a time in your life when you're beginning to see corruption in the world and don't want that to be a part of the future for your generation. If you want to take action against the issues that get you angry, try out these simple ways teens can be activists.

1. Social Media

In a way, you live in the best possible era when virtually any teen can be an activist! If you have a social media account, you can begin making a difference right now! Post about the issues you're concerned with. Your small act of clicking "post" can mean the difference between someone understanding a need for, for example, feminism and being completely ignorant. Regardless of what your cause is, you can promote and support it on all of your social media accounts! You can even create a separate account dedicated to that cause!