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23 Stunning Winter Formal Dresses ...

By Sabrina

Winter Formal is just around the corner for many high school students. And, as with any school dance, you now face the critical decision of what dress to wear! Well, look no further for inspirations for your Winter Formal dress!

1 Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa


Splendid Scoop Neckline Short/Mini Open ...

We all secretly wish we could be Queen Elsa, right? Well, you can be her for one night when you wear a dress as dazzling and regal as one of these Winter Formal Dresses.

2 Ruby Red

Ruby Red


Luxury Designer Sequined Sleeveless..

Nothing makes a girl look more glamorous than an elegant, ruby red dress! This one, complete with rhinestones, is perfect for a special occasion like a school dance!

brook adorbes...

3 Disco Ball

Disco Ball


Cap Sleeve Sequin and Tulle ...

While disco balls may not be all the rage at dances nowadays, you can still rock a golden disco-inspired ensemble!

4 Half-sweater Dress

Half-sweater Dress


ERIN erin fetherston RUNWAY Josie ...

If you're not all about that glitz and glam, this look may be perfect for you!

5 Floor Length

Floor Length


35 Stunning Midnight Blue Color ...

It's called Winter Formal for a reason, right? A look like this is great for someone who loves to wear long, graceful dresses to formal events.

6 Emerald



Fresh Green With Beading Party ...

This well-tailored dress in a gorgeous shade of green will have everyone's eyes on you!

7 Midnight Beauty

Midnight Beauty



I love the deep, mysterious color of this dress! And it's made a little bit more fun by a dash of sparkle—perfect for Winter Formal!

brook Heart heart heart...

8 Lovely in Lace

Lovely in Lace


One moment please...

Lace is such a stunning, feminine detail that takes any dress to the next level, in my opinion!

9 Be-dazzling



Carolina Charm: Christmas in July

I remember in elementary school when bedazzling was all the rage, and every one of my friends would beg their moms for a bedazzler! That all sounds a little bit silly now, but in a way, you can dazzle others with this bedazzled ensemble!

10 Greek



Lily Boutique Silver Beaded Waistband ...

Something about this dress reminds me of what a Greek goddess would wear! You can look just as mesmerizing as Aphrodite in a dress like this!

11 Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow


Gorgeous Empire Scoop Tulle and ...

This dress makes me think of the first fresh snow of winter! It's flattering, flirty, and breathtaking!

12 Ombre



35 Stunning Midnight Blue Color ...

Who says that ombre is just for your hair? This incredible dress will look amazing on almost anyone!

13 Flirty Skater Dress

Flirty Skater Dress


Valentina Skater Dress $62

Don't sacrifice comfort for beauty, nor the other way around! This skater dress is simple, but also very pretty!

brook cute...

14 Raspberry



Magenta Marvelous Dress | Mod ...

I love the warm color of this dress, as well as the criss-cross pattern on the bust!

15 Red and White

Red and White


Home - Pink Peonies by ...

I'm in love with tutu-style dresses! While most of the time you can't get away with wearing them, Winter Formal is the perfect occasion to whip out the tulle!

16 Red Wool

Red Wool


Items similar to Black long ...

Since it's winter, it's the ideal time to wear a wool dress! It's such a classic look, made modern by a flash of lace underneath!

17 Criss Cross

Criss Cross


Items similar to Mix Bridesmaids ...

This dress is both edgy and elegant! With the right accessories, you can dress it up to be the perfect Winter Formal dress!

18 Polka Dot

Polka Dot



If you're a fun-loving person, this dress probably matches your personality! Pair it with sheer tights and then you're ready for the dance!

19 Sheer and Black

Sheer and Black


I love anything with cutouts, and the cutouts covered by sheer fabric on this dress are so chic! It's to die for!

20 Black Lace

Black Lace


Dress by

Nothing screams elegance like black lace! It's a timeless look that works for almost any formal occasion, so after Winter Formal, you're almost certain to get more wears out of it!

21 60's Glamour

60's Glamour


Simply Be - Page Not ...

Do you want to rock a vintage look at your Winter Formal? You can look absolutely stunning in a 60s shift dress like this one!

22 Burgundy Velvet

Burgundy Velvet


Plush One Burgundy Velvet Halter ...

Everything about this dress is perfect, from the color, to the neckline, to the enchanting fabric—I adore it!

23 Frock and Frill

Frock and Frill


Frock and Frill | Frock ...

This seemingly shapeless dress becomes flattering, thanks to the gorgeous embroidery. No accessories needed!

I hope you're getting as excited as I am for Winter Formal! Any reason to go dress shopping is a good reason, right? Which of these styles do you love the most?

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