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Things You Should do to Ace a Test ...

By Sonya

Here’s the thing, nobody in the world likes tests. Even the smartest kids in the world don’t like to be put under that kind of time pressure! Even if you have revised everything and are feeling confident, you never know how you are going to react when you are put in the strict test environment; it can be a real lottery! However, it shouldn’t have to be a lottery if you know exactly how to best prepare yourself. Here is a great list of things you should do in a test to ace it.

Table of contents:

  1. Read the whole thing
  2. Time limits
  3. Nothing blank
  4. Play to strengths
  5. Answers in questions
  6. Ask
  7. Double check

1 Read the Whole Thing

Make sure that you take some time to read the entire test paper before you start to complete it. If you know what is coming on the next pages, then you can better prepare and structure your answers to make a more impressive and better structured overall test paper.

2 Time Limits

Give yourself defined time limits for each section of the test so you know how to pace yourself as you go. The worst thing you can do is run out of time and not actually finish the exam, so keep an eye on the clock and make sure that you are allotting your time appropriately.

3 Nothing Blank

Whatever ever do, don’t leave anything blank on the test. Even if you don’t know an answer or can’t find the right words, you can always have the change of getting partial credit for any kind of working out that might be on the right track. And of course, it is a multiple choice question, then you might as well have a guess!

4 Play to Strengths

If you have a choice of questions, then obviously pick the one that is most focused on the subject that you are most confident with. If there is nothing clear jumping out at you, then what you can do next is pick the question that you think you can most easily turn in the direction of your strengths.

5 Answers in Questions

Always take the time to look for answers within questions. Sometimes the way things are worded can allude to a certain specific answer, as well as questions at the end of the test referring to things that are answers to questions at the beginning!

6 Ask

If you don’t understand something on the page, you can always try putting your hand up and asking a teacher what it means. In their explanation, they might accidently give you more clues than they should have concerning the right way to answer!

7 Double Check

When you have finished, always take a few minutes at the end to check and read over what you have written. The last thing you want is to have a correct answer in the wrong box!

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