9 Legal Things Teens Can do for Fun ...

It may seem difficult to find fun and exciting things teens can do legally. Your teenage years are a strange time, because you’re transitioning from childhood to adulthood, and you’re done playing with dolls, but not quite ready to visit a bar in your free time. So what are some amazing things teens can do that are both fun and age appropriate? I have a few ideas that I hope you and your friends enjoy!

1. 18 and under Clubs

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Get the girls together and get your party dresses on! Because one of the most perfect things teens can do for fun is go to an 18 and under club. These aren’t clubs you hear of most often, but if you seek you will find! These clubs won’t serve you alcohol, and won’t have creepy older guys scoping you out like “real clubs”. You can simply go out and have a good time dancing and enjoying the club atmosphere.

2. Shop

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Shopping is fun at any age, but it’s the ideal activity for teens! Shopping as a teenager is so different to shopping as a kid, when you had to hold your mom’s hand and stay in Macy’s all day long. Now that you’re becoming more independent, you and your friends can go to the mall by yourselves and shop till you drop! I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time, without breaking any laws! Remember not to overspend though, because you don’t want to start a bad habit so young.

3. Concerts

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Concerts are a great place for teens to have fun. You get to enjoy a night out of the house as well as meet other people who love the same bands you love. As long as the venue where the band is performing allows all ages, you’re good to go! Who knows, after the concert you could even meet the band member you have a crush on!

4. Photo Shoots

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Photo shoots are loads of fun! As a teenager, you’re lucky to be growing up in the most technologically advanced era yet, and odds are you have a phone that functions as a camera too. So go for a drive a few miles in any direction until you find a cool scene for a photo shoot. Hop out of the car and snap a few glamorous shots of you and your friends, then hit the road again! As long as you don’t trespass anywhere, you’re guaranteed great legal fun!

5. Spa Day

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Whether your spa day is spent at home or at an actual spa, you can have a wonderful time getting pampered! There’s no legal age for giving your body some much needed TLC, so a spa day is a great way for teens to have fun! At home, you can enjoy a bubble bath, then lather on some lotion and paint your nails while you watch your favorite movie! If you choose to go out to a spa, mud baths and steam rooms will restore your body and relax your mind!

6. Laser Tag

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Laser tag is incredibly fun! And a great workout too! You get a natural high running around in the dark with a competitive drive pushing you on. You’ll have such a great time that you’ll wonder why you haven’t been playing laser tag for longer! Get as many friends together as you can, and make a Friday night tradition out of laser tag!

7. Movie Night

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Movie night in or movie night out, either way you’ll have a fantastic time! This weekend, you can have a movie marathon and pig out on snacks in the comfort of your own living room. Or, you can get the gang together and go to a theater to watch a movie on the big screen! Movies are a luxury people of all ages enjoy, but watching movies is an especially great way teens can have fun!

8. Karaoke Night

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I know it sounds cheesy, but karaoke night can be tons of fun! Karaoke is a harmless and legal activity for you and your friends to enjoy the next time you hang out. You’re sure to laugh all night and make memories that will last a lifetime! So just let go and sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs!

9. Game Night

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I really, really love board games, more than I think is probably healthy! But the great thing is that spending all night playing monopoly is totally okay in the government's eyes! No alcohol, no drugs, just good old fashioned fun! You can host a game night for your friends, or simply play your favorite game with your family. If you love board games as much as I do, I’m certain you’ll have a wonderful time!

Finding fun legal things to do as a teenager can seem difficult, but it really isn’t! There’s plenty of time to do grown up things later, when you actually are a grown up! So for now, try these fabulous activities! Which ones would you like to try? What do you and your friends do for fun?

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