7 Ways for Teens to Boost Your Activity Every Day ...


7 Ways for Teens to Boost Your Activity Every Day ...
7 Ways for Teens to Boost Your Activity Every Day ...

It’s important to develop healthy habits at a young age and you can do just that by following a few of these ways for teens to boost your activity every day! Lifelong health starts at a young age, and by being physically active you can help keep your body healthy and fight off disease later on. As a teen, it’s easy to think that you can wait and worry about your health later on, but research suggests that the habits you develop at a young age can actually play a role in fending off and possibly preventing disease later in life. With a busy schedule and an exciting social life, it’s easy to push physical activity to the side, however, here are 7 ways for teens to boost your activity every day regardless of how busy you might be!

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Wake up a Little Bit Earlier

One of the easiest ways for teens to boost your activity every day is to wake up just a little bit earlier. I know what you’re thinking, “earlier?!” Yes, just a little bit! Even ten to twenty minutes of physical activity can really provide quite a few health benefits. Not only that, but after you get into the routine of it, starting your day with a little bit of exercise actually feels quite nice! Try hitting the pillow about twenty minutes earlier and set your alarm for twenty minutes earlier. This is enough time for a quick run, a lovely yoga stretch or even a few weight bearing exercises.


Make Your Household Chores Count

Although you might resent your mom and dad for leaving you a list of things to do when you get home, your household chores are a great way to sneak in a little bit of exercise. Vacuuming, walking the dog, cleaning the kitchen, taking out the trash, etc. are all perfectly acceptable ways to move your body without even realizing that you are getting a nice little workout in. Soon you’ll be asking mom and dad for a few more chores because that little bit of activity feels so good!


Get Moving While Watching TV

If at all possible, try to resist plopping yourself on the couch for the afternoon in order to watch your favorite TV show reruns. Instead, enjoy maybe one thirty minute show and get active during those commercials. Challenge yourself to jumping jacks, body weight squats, planks or any other exercise that you enjoy during each commercial break. Without even realizing it, you can burn quite a few calories in the same amount of time that you are normally just sitting!


Schedule Your Physical Activity as an Appointment

Just like you have to go to school or you have to go to your team banquet, schedule your daily physical activity as an appointment too. However you choose to be active, set aside that time in order to ensure that it actually happens. On days that you participate in recreational activities such as dance rehearsal, basketball practice or track, consider that your physical activity time. However, on the days that your afternoons are free, plan some time to squeeze in some activity!


Get Your Family Involved

You’re not the only one that will benefit from exercise. Chances are your stressed out dad or busy mom could benefit too! Try to get the entire family involved in physical activity time. Plan a short outdoor game or even get everyone on the Wii Fit; whatever you have to do, encourage everyone to participate! Another idea is to request that everyone take an after dinner family stroll. This can help not only with digestion and diabetes prevention but will be a good family bonding time too! As an adult, it can be hard to break away, but once they do, your family is sure to love the active time!

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Start a Lunchtime Walking Group

During school it can be hard to start a lunchtime walking group, especially if you are not allowed to leave one particular area. However, depending on your school, even a short walk out in the courtyard can be beneficial. Walking and talking with friends is a great way to catch up and move those legs too! Walking is one of the best forms of exercise because it is easy on your joints, enjoyable and burns calories too!


Use Your Time Wisely

I remember when I was a teen I wasted a lot of time! Looking back, if I could even have one hour of each day, I would have time to do everything that I need to now. Use your after school, weekend and summer time wisely and squeezing in a little bit of exercise will be easy! Thirty minutes here and there really add up when you make it a daily habit! Use the other tips above to plan a way to be active every single day!

Sitting in a desk all day long can not only be boring but it can be unhealthy too! Use your time away from your desk to start developing healthy habits that will stick with you lifelong. Although you might be healthy now, instead of letting illness and disease sneak up on you, be proactive and stay healthy lifelong! What do you do to stay active during the school year?

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