Top Things about Relationships Every Young Girl Should Know ...


Top  Things about Relationships Every Young Girl Should Know ...
Top  Things about Relationships Every Young Girl Should Know ...

Sometimes growing up we think we know everything, until we're actually grown and realize we don't. I know, I sound like you're mom right now, but there are some things about relationships every young girl should know.

Maybe you figured some of them out, maybe you're still in the process of learning these things. Whatever your situation, just know these are important things about relationships every young girl should know (heck, even the older ones can learn something here).

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Have Rules and Boundaries for Yourself

Don’t let anyone change your mind about this.


Don’t Kiss until You Have Established a Title

Friends don’t kiss so be the girlfriend first.


Know What You Want

What are you looking for in the relationship? Once you know that, you can tell your guy exactly what you want.


Know What You Will and Will Not do

Let him know up front so he knows what to expect from you.


Place Yourself on a Pedestal

After all, you are the prize, right?


Make Sure You and the Other Person Are on the Same Page

Communication is the key in all instances.



Don’t be afraid to ask him anything. He should be open and honest with you.


Ask Older People for Advice

Older couples know more than you and friends so get their advice.


Let Everything You do Benefit You

You do things in life for your own benefit, what you want and think MATTERS. Don't let him squash that, but pay attention to his needs too.


Don’t Settle for Anything

If he's not what you're looking for, move on.


Set Your Expectations High

If you want certain things from a person but they aren't there, move on! There are plenty of fish in the sea.


Know Your Worth

Remember that you matter too.


Keep Your Innocence as Long as Possible

Being pure is going to benefit you in the long run, you may not be with this person long, so be careful what you give up.


Refrain from Sex as Long as Possible

You don’t want to regret having sex if the person turns out not to be Mr. Right.


Protect Yourself from Heartache

Don’t try to fall in love too quickly, it will only hurt when it’s over.


Don’t Take Things to Serious

If you have a long future ahead of you, take things slow.


You’re Young, You Don’t Know What You Really Want Yet

You may change your mind on what you want 100 times before you truly know


Have Fun and Be Safe

A relationship with someone should be mostly fun and good times, but be safe in the process.


Don’t Hide Things from Your Parents

They only want to protect you.


Don’t Grow up to Fast

You’re an adult longer than you are a child so don't rush it.


Don’t Be Too Quick to Trust Someone

Trust has to be earned, so make him earn it.


Your Family Should Be Involved in Relationships That Are Getting Serious

This him see that you have support and a life that's separate from him.


Meeting Your Family Lets Him Know He Can’t Easily Take Advantage of You

Don't introduce him too soon, but don't wait too long either.

What are some other things girls should know? Comment to help our GIRLS out!!

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