7 Secrets to Acing College for Students Who Want to do Their Absolute Best ...

By Melissa

7 Secrets to Acing College for Students Who Want to do Their Absolute Best ...

Going to college is probably one of the first important things that you will do in your adult life. Why not start off by doing well in college? With the right attack plan, you can get good grades and do very well in college.

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1 Find the Right Schedule

What works for some may not work for you and what worked in high school may not work now. You are probably used to a full schedule of school every weekday. Now that you are in college you get choose your class schedule. I liked having one day off during the week, usually Friday. It gave me an extra day to get schoolwork and studying done without classes and lectures interrupting.

2 Schedule Studying

While you are picking your class schedule, don’t forget to consider study time. Sometimes creating a long break between classes during the week helps secure a guaranteed study time. What else are you going to get done that hour in between Composition 101 and Biology Lab when you are already on campus? Once you have set a time to study, stick to it.

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3 Read Your Syllabus

A syllabus is like a secret passage into your professor’s mind. It will tell you what’s coming, how grades are divided between test and papers, and it might even tell you what is expected in those research papers. Be sure to read it and follow it like your life depends on it.

4 Talk to Your Professor

While we are talking about your professor, do make an effort to stop in his office during visiting hours. Ask questions. Go over information you aren’t clear on and show that you really are trying.

5 Use a Planner

It’s easy to forget an important test or due date when you aren’t organized. Keeping an updated planner will help you keep your deadlines for assignments and test. You don’t want to make a bad grade because you didn’t turn in your assignment.

6 Study Groups

Join or create study groups. Having a group to study with makes studying feel a little less like work. You can learn from each other and gather some helpful study tips. There is also something about accountability. It’s easy to cut out on studying when it’s just you, but if you have friends depending on you, you are much more likely to commit.

7 Stay Positive

Don’t get down on yourself if you make a mistake. Also don’t let negative thoughts consume you. If you go into a test thinking you will fail, your negative thoughts might influence the outcome more so than what you actually know.

Keep your head up, buttercup! College is a great time to learn new things, make awesome memories and lifelong friendships. Enjoy your classes and make the most of what you learn.

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