17 Things No Teen Should Ever Be Insecure about ...

By Sabrina

Being a teenager is really fun, but it's also stressful, frustrating, and nerve-wracking at times. It's really easy to listen to the influences around you and give into peer pressure, which leads to more and more insecurities. If you've been feeling down lately and can't exactly figure out why, maybe it's because of one of these common insecurities—that you really shouldn't feel bad about!

1 Too Skinny

Too Skinny The media says to look one way, but then people shame girls for looking just like that! Whether you are naturally skinny or have a workout and diet routine that make you look that way, don't be afraid to love your body, whether “bony” or “curvy” (even though we all have bones AND curves!).

2 Too Fat

Too Fat The same is true on the opposite end of the spectrum. Don't listen to the haters who say you are too big! Every body is absolutely beautiful, and even more beautiful when the person wearing it is confident and happy.

3 Too Tall

Too Tall People might say that you're too tall to find a guy. And their point is....? Girls of every hight envy girls of other heights, because there is no one perfect height. Yours just happens to be a great excuse to date a basketball player—or be one!

4 Too Smart

Too Smart How many times in high school was I told that guys didn't like me because I was too smart? Too many times to count! Being insecure about how smart you are is such a waste of time, you should just embrace how beautiful your brain is and devote your time to your studies rather than worrying about what other people may think.

5 Single

Single You are a young desirable woman! So why doesn't the cute kid in your biology class realize that? Don't worry about being single (or as I often liked to call myself, "undateable") in high school or beyond. Relationships are sometimes viewed as a status symbol in high school, like your life isn't complete until you have a significant other. But your friends and family will still love you even if the cute bio kid doesn't, and you should love yourself, too!

6 Sexually Active

Sexually Active Some people are ready earlier than others. If you think that’s you, you shouldn't worry about other people judging you, they are just mimicking what they hear on TV. However, if you are sexually active, make sure you are safe, sexually of course, but also with your mental health. This can be a confusing transition, and you shouldn't let insecurity keep your thoughts bottled up if anything begins to bother you.

7 Abstinent

Abstinent Sex isn't the only way to prove you and your significant other are serious, or that you're a real woman, etc. If you choose not to be abstinent, that's a great option, too. Be proud of your choice and don't let anyone's mockery get the best of you!

8 Sexually Confused

Sexually Confused It's also really REALLY okay to have no idea about your thoughts on sex or what you want from it. If you think you may be attracted to women, men, men and women, or neither. You might have no idea what's going on in your brain, but don't worry, a lot of us have gone through the same things. You're not weird, and it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

9 Indecisive

Indecisive In high school, you start making more and more of your own decisions, and that can be really tough! From whether or not to dye your hair to whether or not you should go to university, decisions abound and indecisiveness is bound to creep in.

10 Too Shy

Too Shy Sometimes you just want to hide from the rest of the world, and sometimes that "sometimes" lasts all of high school. But if that's just a part of your personality, that's okay and you shouldn't worry about people judging you for it!

11 A Bold Personality

A Bold Personality On the other hand, you might be one of those boisterous teens elderly people are always complaining about. And that's okay, too! It's a great thing to be unapologetically you! Don't be afraid to have fun and make a fool of yourself every once in a while.

12 Not Having Many Friends

Not Having Many Friends Sometimes the fear of eating lunch alone comes true. But here's a secret: it's not the end of the world! I don't mean to undermine those feelings, because feeling lonely and abandoned is absolutely valid. But if you don't want many friends or simply haven't found your people yet, try not to stress about it. Solitude is a good thing sometimes!

13 Different Religious Views

Different Religious Views Even your close friend's might think your religion, or lack of one, is strange. But your beliefs are a part of you, and anyone who makes you feel insecure about them doesn't deserve your friendship.

14 “Nerdy” Interests

“Nerdy” Interests It's fun to be a nerd! Spend your weekends playing video games, going to museums, and reading books for fun if that's what you really enjoy. You should never hide your interests just to fit in.

15 Mental Illness

Mental Illness Depression and eating disorders become increasingly high issues during your teenage years. It's important to remember that these are sicknesses just like anything else. You don't feel insecure about getting the flu or a cold, do you? So you shouldn't feel ashamed about your mental illness either, and you should talk about it when necessary.

16 “Embarrassing” Family

“Embarrassing” Family What can I say? They're family!

17 Overachieving

Overachieving Many people think overachieving is an unattractive trait in a girl. But are you trying to attract some lame high school boy or attract a brighter future? Focus on self-growth, and you'll realize how pointless it is to be insecure about overachieving!

You're bound to face many if not all of these insecurities at some point in your life. The key is recognizing how pointless they are before they disrupt your confidence too much. What other insecurities should teenage girls be aware of?

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