Have You Planned Your Back to School Outfit Yet?

By Jennifer

Have You Planned Your Back to School Outfit Yet?

The weather still says summer, but the calendar is looking more and more like back to school - there are only a few weeks of vacation left! Make the most of the time you have left, but spare a minute or two thinking about what you'll wear for back to school. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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1 Not Quite Fall Yet, but...

clothing,footwear,outerwear,sleeve,pocket, Source: 7 Perfect Outfit Ideas for

2 So Comfy!

clothing,product,fashion accessory,footwear,pattern,

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3 Gym Day!

clothing,footwear,product,brand,outerwear, Source: School Uniform

4 Slouchy Shirt

clothing,product,fashion accessory,brand,formal wear, Source: Back to school outfit, so

5 Think Pink!

footwear,pink,clothing,product,shoe, Source: Untitled #11

6 Mad about Plaid

bag,handbag,pattern,product,fashion accessory, Source: A Touch of Blue

7 Love the Polka Dot Shoes!

clothing,product,sleeve,pattern,outerwear, Source: Back to School Outfit Polyvore

8 Add a Scarf

clothing,footwear,outerwear,sleeve,boot, Source: Nina's Avenue: Back to school

9 Pink, White, & Gold

pink,clothing,sleeve,product,dress, Source: Summer preppy outfit

10 Urban Chic

clothing,footwear,product,sleeve,shoe, Source: Back To School Outfit Trends

11 Printed Leggings

clothing,fashion accessory,sleeve,pattern,textile, Source: 14 Foolproof (And Affordable!) Interview

12 I'd Wear This Every Day

clothing,pattern,sleeve,outerwear,design, Source: My kinda school outfit ;)

13 Maybe Not the Necklace?

clothing,pattern,sleeve,tartan,design, Source: I LOVVVVVVVEE This

14 Graphic Tee + Sweet Cardi

Chanel,clothing,product,sleeve,footwear, Source: Back To School Outfit Trends

15 Another Gym Day Idea

clothing,sleeve,product,brand,outerwear, Source: school

16 Early Fall Idea

clothing,footwear,sleeve,product,shoe, Source: Back To School

17 OMG, Love the Sweater!

white,clothing,black,footwear,sleeve, Source: Cosy school outfit

18 Military Shirt

clothing,sleeve,pattern,pocket,outerwear, Source: Amazing Back To School Outfit

19 More Plaid!

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,pattern,pocket, Source: Stiles Inspired Outfit with Leggings

20 I'd Swap the Nikes for Tom's

clothing,pattern,footwear,denim,sleeve, Source: Toms Shoes

21 Comfiest Shoes EVER!

clothing,denim,jeans,product,sleeve, Source: New Fresh Sapphire Blue Flower

22 Sweet Stripes

clothing,fashion accessory,arm,brand,pattern, Source: 7 cute casual outfits for

23 Coral Accessories

clothing,handbag,fashion accessory,footwear,leather, Source: School Outfit #2

24 So Simple!

clothing,sleeve,denim,outerwear,product, Source: collegefashion.net

25 Cutest Clutch!

clothing,sleeve,fashion accessory,pattern,neck, Source: Fall Fashion Ideas - Megan

26 Steal from Your Mom's Closet

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,spring,leather, Source: 20 Fancy Polyvore Outfit Ideas

27 All the Details

Starbucks,clothing,sleeve,product,outerwear, Source: Untitled

27 Mint

clothing,footwear,sleeve,fashion accessory,dress, Source: Summer Wear!

28 More Mint!

clothing,turquoise,sleeve,product,outerwear, Source: Six Flags Summer

29 Cropped Sweater

clothing,sleeve,product,outerwear,pocket, Source: Skinny Mom 7 Tips to

30 Cute Blazer

clothing,sleeve,footwear,pattern,outerwear, Source: Floral Cami

31 A Little Boho

clothing,sleeve,product,pattern,fashion accessory, Source: Ladylike Boyfriend Jeans - Plus

32 Dress It up

clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,maroon, Source: 9 Cool Outfit Ideas for

33 Fab Fall Fashion

clothing,outerwear,sleeve,wool,pattern, Source: 7 Perfect Outfit Ideas for

34 Lazy Day, for Sure!

clothing,bag,product,footwear,pattern, Source: How to Wear Black Skinny

34 Cozy!

clothing,bag,pattern,product,footwear, Source: Look Cute for Class with

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Cute for fall

These ideas are really cute but it's only for fall

I love all of them exept 15, and26

I'm so nervous I have no idea what to wear for my first day

Any know where can i get the backpack in #17 and #20?

im already back at school and we have to wear a stinking uniform.. .-.

Boo hoo I had forgotten I already wrote that.

I wish I was back at school. I'm planning on returning, but I plan on going back to school soon. Thanks for the inspiration! Great ideas, but I felt I saw the same kind of style in there.

I soooo loooove all of these outfits! ✨

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