Watch πŸ‘€ This Video 🎞 to Find out πŸ” What Type of Teenager πŸ€” Are You?

What type of teenager are you? Most of us older gals would agree that your teen years are some of the most challenging and dramatic of your life, and by that, we mean that they definitely feel that way at the time at least! When you reach real adulthood and look back on your formative years, you will often laugh out loud at some of the things that you thought were the biggest struggles in the world. The strange world that a teenager creates for themselves is quite unlike any other time in your life, a time when your priorities are different, your choices are limited but your ambitions are probably the biggest they will ever get!

Although every teenager at some point in their life has felt like they are the only person like themselves in the entire world, the simple truth is that there are pretty much a defined number of teenager stereotypes that encompass all and any teen personality! No matter how individual you like to think you are, you’ll come to realize when you’re older, that there is probably somebody exactly like you on the other side of the world, having the same thoughts and experiences and living a very similar life!

Have you ever taken a second to think about what type of category your own teenage years might fall into? Watch this video! It will tell you exactly what you need to hear in order to decide for yourself! So, it's time to find out what type of teenager are you?

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