Revision Hacks to Get You through Exams ...

By Lydia

Revision  Hacks to Get You through  Exams  ...

Exams are a bitch and that means you need some revision hacks to help you out! No matter what subjects you study and no matter how well you do in your class and coursework, if you can’t get through the exam, your final grades are going to suffer! Some people find exam prep super easy, whilst others tend to struggle, and I don’t think that this is fair, especially if you have been doing so well for the semester! Let me help you out and guide you towards better exam success. Here are some great revision hacks for how to get through your exams!

1 Flash Cards

Make a set of flash cards so that you can take your most important revision notes with you wherever you go. Whenever you have a spare moment, whip them out and go through them. Pretty soon they will turn into solid memories and you will have lots of information ready in your head when exams come. This is one of the best revision hacks out there.

2 Re-Write Your Notes

You know how if you sing a song over and over again, you eventually end up knowing all the lyrics by heart? Well, that’s exactly how it should be with revision! Write your vital notes out every day, again and again, until it becomes pretty much second nature to write out complete sentences that contain all of the most important parts of your learning. Being able to do this in exam conditions will be an absolute lifesaver!

3 Mnemonics

Have a go at using fun mnemonics to remember certain sequences and lists. For some reason, our brains react well to this kind of puzzle, and when you are running out of time in an exam, you can’t always recall things in a more mundane manner!

4 Mind Maps

Try drawing out a bunch of different mind maps relating to your exam subjects. Not only are they great to pin up on your wall, but if you can commit even a small part of them to memory, your instinct and intelligence will lead you to being able to reproduce the entire thing in your head.

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