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7 Things You Need to save up for Your Senior Year of High School ...

By Vladlena

Before my senior year of high school, I wish someone made me aware of just how many things you need to save up for beforehand to avoid being broke the entire year. I don’t think anyone truly realizes that high school costs mount throughout the senior year. An average high school senior ends up spending more than $1,400 just for fun senior activities hosted by the school. All of the fun truly comes at a cost! So if your senior year is in your future, here are some things you need to save up for in advance.

1 Senior Dues

In addition to many personal things you need to save up for, one of the mandatory payments that you will have to make are senior dues. Those usually include senior jerseys/t-shirts, yearbook, graduation tickets, cap and gown, and other senior events. Senior dues usually vary depending on the school but for many they are around $100-$300 dollars. So if you are planning to help out your parents and pay it out of your own pocket, I suggest you start saving little by little!

2 Senior Trip

While some schools count senior trip in their fee for senior dues, other schools don’t. So on top of your senior dues, you would have to lay out another $300 if you wish to participate in your class trip. And let’s face it, no senior wants to miss out on any senior activities that they have been waiting for since the first day of freshman year!

3 Prom

Prom is another exciting senior activity that is usually not included as part of the senior dues. A single ticket may cost between $90-$200 and you would need to double that if you are paying for your date. However aside from purchasing just the tickets, prom requires that you spend money on dresses, suits, limos, corsages, and other expenses depending on your after-prom plans.

4 College

While yes, senior year is usually the most relaxed and laid-back time of your life, part of it is also the most stressful! In the beginning of senior year, you will have to spend lots of extra money on college applications and once you get into college, you must pay the deposit to secure your spot. That’s a lot of subtraction signs from your bank account!

5 School Plays and Carnivals

Aside from the big expenses like prom and college, there are also very small ones that accumulate to a pretty significant sum. For example, students tend to participate in schools events on a much bigger scale during their senior year, as it is their last chance to enjoy the high school spirit. So all of the school plays, dances, movie screenings, shows and carnivals can add up and that’s not even counting other after school activities you might need money for when you hang out with a group of friends.

6 Graduation

As the end of the year approaches, there are still some final expenses that you have to take care of. Most of them have to do with graduation. For example you have to figure out what you are going to wear under you gown and how you are going to actually get to the graduation venue.

7 Getaway with Friends

While this is optional, many people decide to finish the year off by doing something special with a group of friends. Many rent a house for a friendly getaway, while others plan big dinners and days out at amusement parks. So plan the last goodbyes with friends and save up your money in advance!

Senior year is often the most exciting, eventful and emotional year of the high school career. However you can count on all of the excitement to squeeze the last penny out of you so getting a part-time job is definitely recommended! What part of senior year are you looking forward to the most?

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