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9 Signs Your Friends Are Using You for Money ...

By Crystal

If you see any of these signs your friends are using you for money, it might be time to find new friends. I tried to tell my friend that some of her closest friends just hung out with her because she paid for everything. It wasn't until she lost her job and they left that she believed me. Learn to recognize the signs your friends are using you for money so you leave the bums behind.

1 Vacation Tag along

I really don't mind if a friend asks to come along on a trip with me. After all, we all need a vacation sometimes. What I do hate is when I've already paid for the room and activities, a friend wants to join me and never offers to pay a dime. This is one of the common signs your friends are using you for money. They always find that perfect time to tag along where you pay the tab and they supposedly get to spend quality time with you.

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2 Regularly Need Help

It's nice to be generous and giving. It actually helps you feel better. However, there should be a limit. If your friend only contacts you when they need financial help, maybe they're not really a friend at all. They should want to be around you when it isn't about getting a loan they'll never pay back. Trust me, these friends won't be there if you need help.

3 Always between Jobs

We've all had that one friend that always seems to be between jobs. They ask you to pay when you hang out. They promise to pay you back as soon as they get a job. Somehow that job never happens. After all, why do they need to get a job when they have friends to pay all their bills? Offer to help them in their job search and watch how many excuses they make. To them, their friends are their job.

4 You Owe Them

This is one of the worst kinds of friends. They've likely asked for loans, but when you nicely ask about repayment, they tell you that you actually owe them. They list every little thing they've ever done for you as if it was an imposition to be your friend. They're nice enough until you need your money back. When it's time to pay it back, that time they helped you wash your dishes after dinner is suddenly worth $50.

5 Missing Money

Accidents do happen. I've had situations where I went out with friends and we ended up going somewhere that was cash only and I only had a credit card with me. However, I don't make a habit of it and I always pick up the tab for whoever covered me the next time we go out. If your friend is always short on cash or they forgot their wallet, they're just making excuses. No one leaves their money behind that often.

6 Sudden Friends after a Windfall

Land that high paying new job or get a huge inheritance and watch people you barely know suddenly become your best friends. Sure, they seem like they really want to be around you. However, notice how often you end up paying for things. If someone didn't want to be close to you before a financial windfall, they don't deserve you after it happens. Real friends couldn't care less about your finances. They just want to hang out and have fun together.

7 You Always Drive

Let's face it, gas is never going to be cheap again. Money grubbing friends may not actually ask for money, but they'll gladly have you drive them everywhere. If they always have an excuse for not driving, especially when it's more convenient for them, they're probably just using you to save gas money. Tell them you can't drive because your car's in the shop and odds are, they'll cancel any plans until your car is fixed. These friends can easily cost you hundreds every year.

8 Say They'll Get the Next One

From meals to concerts, a classic excuse for friends not paying is they'll just get the next one. It's amazing how many “next ones” they can log. They might say it's easier for just one of you to pay. However, when next time comes, they probably don't have any money on them, so they promise to get the next two. Eventually, you realize, there will never be a next one.

9 Favor the Richest

In your circle of friends, everyone probably changes jobs or positions regularly. The friends who are just out for money will automatically gravitate to the friend with the most money or the nicest car. If you see a friend that bounces around from friend to friend, they probably couldn't care less about you. Their only bestie is the sound of your wallet opening. I highly recommend not mentioning any life changes to this friend.

Friends aren't supposed to take advantage of you. I prefer to keep friends around who care about me, not my money. Don't let your friends use you just because you have a good job. Have you ever had a friend that used you for money? How did you handle the situation?

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