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7 Conversation Starters to Use in Class for Girls Who Want to Make Friends ...

By Holly

Now that school is starting back up, it's helpful to have some conversation starters in the back of your mind, just in case you want to make some friends. After all, your days will go by faster if you have someone to talk to. Plus, if you miss a day of class, then you can reach out to them for the notes that you've missed. That's why you should use these conversation starters when you step into a classroom this year:

1 I Love Your Top. Where’d You Get It?

Everyone loves to be complimented. It doesn't matter if you compliment a classmate on their shirt, necklace, or shoes. Just make sure that you follow up the compliment by asking them where they bought the item. If you don't do that, then they might just give you a quick "thank you" and be on their way.

2 Did You Buy All of the Books Yet?

If it's the first day of class, you can ask others if they bought all of the books for that class yet, or if they know how expensive a particular book is. If you're further into the semester, then you can ask them what they think of the book that your class is already supposed to be reading. Then you can swap opinions and complaints about the author and the course material in general.

3 I Heard This Teacher is Brutal

On the first day, you can ask your classmates if they've heard anything about the teacher's reputation. Or, if you've actually heard others talk about them or if you've checked, then you can tell them about the rumors you've heard.

4 Do You Know Where the Cafeteria is?

If you're in college, you can ask your classmates where a certain building is, or where the closest fast food place is. If you're in a new high school, then you can ask your classmates where the gym or cafeteria is. If they don't know the answer, then you two can search for it together after class.

5 I’m Glad I’m Not the Only One Who Shows up Early

If you're one of the only people in the classroom, then it's the perfect time to talk to others. After all, it's a lot less intimidating to start a conversation when there aren't a lot of other people around. You have to do something to waste your time before class starts, so you might as well chat.

6 Do You Mind if I Sit Here?

This is the perfect way to start a conversation. Take a seat next to someone that you'd like to talk to, but only after asking them if the seat is free. If it is, then you can use one of the other conversation starters on this list to keep the conversation going.

7 You Look as Happy to Be Back as I do

This might seem like a strange way to introduce yourself, but it allows you to segue into talking about the summer. Then you can ask them what they did during those few glorious months. Everyone loves to reminisce about what they did while they were on vacation.

You don't want to spend the entire semester sitting in a corner alone. That's why you should use these phrases to make friends! Do you have any other clever conversation starters for students to use in class?

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