Stand out with These 21 Senior Picture Ideas ...


Stand out with These 21 Senior Picture Ideas ...
Stand out with These 21 Senior Picture Ideas ...

It's that time of year. If you're a senior in high school, it's time to book your yearbook photo shoot. Seniors get to have lovely professional photos done rather than the lame blue background ones that usually appear in the yearbook. The only trouble is choosing the look that you want and with so many options, that can be pretty hard to do. Check out these fabulous senior pictures and I bet you'll find something that you want for yours.

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Show off Your Sparkle

facial expression,photograph,person,blue,woman, You'll never sparkle like you do now, so make sure it shows in your senior photos.


Grad Year

people,girl,child,spring, This is a really fun idea, don't you think?


Include Your Hobby

color,white,photograph,person,human positions, In this case, it's books, but if you love dancing, sewing or skating, use props that prove it in your senior photos.


In the Mirror

human positions,person,image,sitting,grass, You can bet that no one else is going to use this idea for their senior photos.


In a Favorite Place

clothing,girl,photography,beauty,portrait photography, If you have a favorite place to hang out, it makes the perfect place for a photo shoot.


In the Water

photograph,woman,dress,girl,photography, There's something so carefree about having your photo taken in the water.


Wear Your Letter Jacket

red,clothing,photography,sleeve,glasses, Your letter jacket is an obvious choice for a senior photo shoot.


Simple Background

pink,white,clothing,red,photography, Keeping your background simple lets the focus stay on you.


From a Distance

human action,person,water,jumping,sports, If you don't like close up shots, a great distance shot is the perfect choice.


From the Waist up

hair,person,woman,girl,photography, This pose is just about as perfect as it gets.


Totally Cute

color,blue,toy, Balloons are the perfect metaphor for the fact that you're about to take off into the world.


Outside is the Best

clothing,dress,wedding dress,gown,bridal clothing, Seeing a theme? Outdoor photos are great for your seniro pics.


Your Favorite Sport

photograph,clothing,photography,beauty,girl, If you play a sport, use the equipment as props.


From up above

hair,clothing,human positions,beauty,blond, Try a new perspective when you have your senior pics taken.


At Night

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,cocktail dress, Most senior pics are taken during the day, but why not have yours done at night?


Wear Bright Colors

clothing,pink,fashion,spring,season, Bright colors let you shine in the best way.


Bright Background

color,red,photograph,clothing,woman, Of course, you can also wear neutral clothes and go with a bold background.


Retro Look

clothing,dress,photography,lady,pattern, Don't you just love this retro style dress?


Cute Outfit

clothing,beauty,footwear,fashion,supermodel, Choose a cute look like this one and you'll have the best senior pics around.


Have Some Fun

photograph,woman,photography,bride,dress, You only get to do senior pictures once, so have fun with them.


In Action

color,photograph,clothing,blue,dress, A photo in action is never a bad idea.

What's your favorite idea here? Any others to add?

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I agree the mirror one here is bad but it could be good. Especially with water.

Don't take pictures on train tracks!!

Fucl high school. Shittest years eva!!

It's "letterman jacket" not letter jacket ☺️

I think these are great photos

I for sure want to try in the mirror, at night, and in the water.

Actually I kind of disagree, the mirror picture is ok, but could be better otherwise, cool idea

I like the hobby idea. Maybe I should do a yoga them

the mirror picture is sooooo horrible 😖😖

The at night idea is cool.

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