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7 MajorPre-College Must Dos All Girls Need to Put on Their List ...

By Eliza

So you’re off to college? Congratulations! You are about to start a wonderful new chapter in your life that you’ll always remember with lots of love. College is a time to make new friends, have fun and get ready to launch your career. Before you move into your new dorm, there are some things you should be sure to do. That way, you’ll be totally ready for your new life on campus. Add these to your to-do list before you hit the road.

1 Have Some Fun with Your High School Friends

Chances are that you’re heading off to a brand new experience, but your high school friends are embarking on their own new journey. Make some time for each other before you all move away so that you can create a few last memories to hold you over until you meet again during your first break. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you love doing it together!

2 Figure out That Thing Called Laundry

I didn’t have to do my own laundry until I left home and I had to make a couple trips home to learn how it’s done. Have your mom or dad show you the ropes before you leave so that you can wash your own clothes and always have something fabulous to wear to classes. It’s not hard, but you don’t want to ruin everything you own either, so it pays to have a lesson or two before you’re on your own.

3 Downsize Your Belongings before You Start Packing

Even if most of your stuff fits in your bedroom, you probably won’t have room for all of it in your half of the dorm room. Decide what’s most important to you and leave the rest behind. Obviously, you need clothes and shoes, but you can probably do without your One Direction posters and your Little House on the Prairie books. Taking only what you need makes unpacking easier and saves space in your dorm room.

4 Make a Budget so You Don’t Wind up Short on Cash

Even if your parents are helping you pay your way through college, now is the time to learn how to make your money last until the end of the month. Figure out how much you want to put toward pizza while you study, new clothes and textbooks so that you have a plan when you arrive on campus. There’s nothing worse than being broke when all your new friends head out for a night on the town.

5 Invest in Some Good Locks for Your Valuables

Hopefully you move into a dorm with lots of good security and people you can trust. However, no matter how secure you feel, it’s never a bad idea to protect what’s yours. Buy a lock for your bike and a mini-safe for your room where you can keep cash and personal paperwork. You might also want to lock up your laptop or tablet when you’re out of your room.

6 Get in Touch with Your New Roommate

When I arrived on campus for the first time, my roommate was awful. She stayed out all night and listened to loud music all the time. If you can get ahold of your new roomie, give her a call and get to know each other a little bit. You can work out some dorm ground rules and agree on mutual respect. Plus, it’ll be nice to know someone when you get to your new home.

7 Make a Plan to Take Care of Your Health and Wellbeing

Making the move from high school to college was one of the hardest of my life. Even more so than getting married and becoming a mother. Before you leave, make sure you have a plan for sticking to a nutritious diet and exercise program so that you feel good and stay healthy.

What college are you going to? Will this list help you be prepared for your awesome new campus life?

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