7 Rewarding Ways to Spend Your Summer for Girls Who Don't Know What to do ...


7 Rewarding Ways to Spend Your Summer for Girls Who Don't Know What to do ...
7 Rewarding Ways to Spend Your Summer for Girls Who Don't Know What to do ...

Yay! Summer's (nearly) here. What are your plans - are you going to spend it relaxing, or doing something more productive? Lazing around is certainly enjoyable, but you can fit relaxation in and still find a more rewarding way to spend your summer. So here are some ideas for spending the summer without feeling like you've wasted the time …

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Get Yourself a Part-Time Job

black and white, monochrome photography, photo shoot, One really useful way to spend the summer is by getting a part-time or summer job. It'll give you some cash for a vacation, to save up for college, or towards a car. Or it could boost your savings account. Working also teaches you valuable skills for when you leave school, such as time management and working with the public. It also shows that you're hard-working and determined.


Learn Some New Skills

person, eating, sense, You could also take advantage of having so much free time to learn a new skill. If you're old enough to drive you could take lessons or do an intensive driving course. Or you could get someone to teach you practical skills like basic car or house maintenance. There are lots of summer courses where you could learn all kinds of useful and interesting subjects.


Start a Small Business

person, speech, brand, official, Plenty of teens have an enterprising spirit, and youth certainly won't stop you if you're determined to succeed. Use this time to start a small business such as dog walking or website building - whatever you're interested in and there's a market for. Not only is it useful extra cash, but you'll learn useful skills - and it could even be the start of something big.


Doing Community Work

, Volunteering is a fantastic way to spend your time and give something to your local community. Whether it's an organised program or just helping out your neighbors, there's bound to be plenty of ways in which you can help out. Visit elderly people who don't have family, help out at a children's play scheme, or clean up the neighborhood, for example.


Taking a Language Course

person, Another really productive way to spend your summer is by taking a language course. The best way of learning is with an intensive course in the country in question, but if that's not feasible you can still improve your language skills. Look for a local course taught by native speakers, or borrow a 'Teach yourself' course from the library.

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Working in a Summer Camp

physical fitness, Working in a summer camp is another good way of spending your vacation time, especially if you'd like to work with children. It'll give you experience and references that will be useful for your future career. You should also have a lot of fun!


Studying to Improve Your Grades

face, black and white, person, monochrome photography, monochrome, Finally, if your grades in certain subjects could use some improvement, spend your summer studying. You can still enjoy free time! Work out a study program to make the most of the time available. Your teachers will help you identify what you need to work on, and suggest books for you to read.

With these ideas, you can make the most of your summer, rather than wasting it. So when people ask you in the fall what you did this summer, you can list off all the things you did and learned! What would your perfect summer be like, and where would you spend it?

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Life is not that easy😶



As a teacher....summer is for play and relaxing...not too much work. Lol. With that being said, learning a new language does sound interesting.

Very productive ideas but summer is for having fun please.

Studied abroad in South Africa. Now I'm back adjusting to this Cali weather ready to start my summer here

Sounds like all work and no play.


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