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7 Ways to Celebrate Your Sweet 16 Birthday ...

By Sabrina

When it comes to ways to celebrate your sweet 16, the sky is the limit! It’s your day and you should get to enjoy it any way you choose! But with all the options, sometimes it’s hard to settle on one, perfect event. Check out these fun ways to celebrate your sweet 16 before you decide what you want to do.

1 Party

Of all the ways to celebrate your sweet 16, this is certainly the most classic! We’ve seen the movies and read the books where girls host extravagant sweet 16 parties and the whole high school comes! If that sounds like something you would enjoy and your parents would approve of, host the party of the year for your sweet 16 celebration. Don’t forget to imform everyone about the party plenty of time in advance though, so you don’t end up ordering catering for a hundred guests when only ten guests can make it.

2 Weekend Getaway

If partying isn’t your thing, consider a weekend getaway with some friends or family. A weekend getaway can come in many forms—a cabin on the beach, a camp away from civilization, or a trip to the mountains. Wherever you go is up to you, and your parents of course who will be funding the trip. Choose a location where you’ll feel comfortable and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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3 G.N.O

To some, an ideal birthday is simply one memorable girls’ night out. With your parents’ permission, feel free to paint the town red! Go shopping, get dinner, watch some movies at the drive-in, or go on random adventures! Whatever makes you and your friends most happy is what you should do to make the night as fabulous as you are.

4 Sleepover

Sometimes, more than a girls’ night out, you crave a girls’ night in. This can be just as memorable as a celebration. Order more pizza than you could dream of eating, stock up on junk food and cheesy chick flicks, then you’ve got yourself a perfect sweet 16 sleepover!

5 Concert

If music is your passion, consider attending a concert for your birthday celebration. If your favorite band or artist is performing on your birthday, I consider that a sign that you ought to attend a concert for your sweet 16! Gather your best friends and flock to a concert or music festival to celebrate this rite of passage.

6 Family Trip

This celebration might require some patience and extensive planning. If you dream of taking a grand family trip to a tropical island, you might be able to persuade your parents to agree, but if your birthday is in the dead of winter, that won’t be the brightest idea. Likewise, if your trip is expensive, your parents will need time to save up money. So you’ll have to wait until summer to celebrate this year, but the wait will certainly be worth it!

7 Queen for a Day

You only turn 16 once, right? So why not take advantage of this opportunity and declare yourself queen for a day! Make it so that all of your loyal subjects—your friends and family—must treat you like a queen for a day! That means doing whatever you order them to do with a smile on their faces. Don’t request anything too absurd; that way everyone still has a good time, but you have the best time of all!

No matter what you do, your sweet 16 should be fun and memorable! Do whatever you feel suits your personality best, and make sure it’s a night you’ll never forget. How do you plan on celebrating your sweet 16?

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