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Interesting Benefits of All Girls Schools ...

By Megan

There are so many benefits of attending an all girls school. Even decades after graduating from an all girls primary school, secondary school, or college, the women talk about how going to such a school had such a positive impact on them. This is especially true at the high school or college level. Are you disliking your school and want your parents to put you in an all girls high school? Are you thinking about your little girl’s educational future? Here are the benefits of attending an all girls school.

Dr. Rosemary C. Salomone states, “Single sex programs create an institutional and classroom climate in which female students can express themselves freely and frequently, and develop higher order thinking skills.”

She goes on to say, “All girls schools provide girls a better comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests compared to girls in co-ed.”

Dr. Richard A. Holgren expresses the fact that nearly 80% of girls in all girls schools report their classes challenged them.

Girls schools create a culture of achievement.

At all girls schools, girls occupy every role, versus in co-ed schools where most of the time, even now in 2018, boys are more often class president with girls getting important, but not the leading positions in student government and most extracurricular activities.

Girls are more likely to be themselves.

There is no mansplaining from male peers.

While great progress has been made, and most boys and men want to see equality for women and girls, sexism is still a problem in this country. At an all girls school, this is avoided.

During the raging hormone years of middle school and high school, girls in an all girls school focus on their education and talents more than trying to impress the boys and wearing skimpy clothes.

The benefits of attending an all girls school, especially an all girls high school, continue on later in life. Girls from all girls schools are more likely to defend their positions in college classes.

According to Dr. Linda Sax, UCLA, “girls from all girls schools are three times more likely to consider engineering careers.”

Girls attending all girls schools, such as Nardin Academy of Buffalo, develop a sisterhood that lasts for decades.

There are, of course, more benefits to your daughter or yourself being in an all girls school. Girls schools focus on how girls learn best. The National Center for Women and Informational Technology states girls in all girls schools report more academic interests in computer science.

Nearly 96% of girls in all girls schools reported they get more frequent feedback than girls in coed schools.

Dr. Carlo Cerruti states, “during the middle school years, girls show a decline in both their performance in math and their attitudes toward math. New research suggests that girls schools may mitigate the decline when compared with coed schools.”

Even the US Department of Education agrees that same sex schools are better. According to them, more positive academic and behavioral interactions occur in single sex classrooms.

Dr. Cornelius Riordan explains, “the robust learning environment….provides unequivocal support for the value of an all girls educational environment.”

Dr. Linda Sax’s research has proven that “the majority of girls school grads report higher self-confidence.”

93% of grads from all girls schools say they were offered greater leadership opportunities.

80% held leadership positions since high school graduation according to the Goodman Research Group.

Dr. Linda Sax goes on to say, “more than 80% of grads from all girls schools consider their academic performance highly successful.”

Dr. Nicole Archard states, “programs at girls schools focus on the development of teamwork over other qualities of leadership, while the qualities of confidence, compassion, and resilience also ranked prominently.”

Dr. Cary M. Watson noticed heightened career aspirations.

Dr. Richard A. Holmgren in his research noticed 99% of girls from all girls schools earn a bachelors and 33% earn a master's or doctorate.

Finally, girls from all girls schools have greater motivation and higher aspirations.

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