7 Warning Signs That You've Chosen the Wrong Major ...

By Valencia

7 Warning Signs That You've Chosen the Wrong Major ...

After graduating high school, you might know exactly what you want to do in college. But as you grow and become wiser, your interests can change. Sometimes, it's hard to admit when you've chosen the wrong major, especially if you're not sure how you feel. The last thing you want to do is finish a degree only to discover you have zero interest in the field you studied. Here are seven warning signs that you've chosen the wrong major.

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1 You're Bored in Class

Every college student has at least one class they're completely bored in. Maybe the teacher is a boring public speaker, or maybe you're not interested in the subject. But if you're bored in every single class related to your major, think twice about pursuing this degree. If you don't have any interest in the subject today, you might have little interest in the future.

2 You Don't Feel Challenged

Maybe you chose a specific major because you thought it would challenge you. Now that you're taking classes, you're not getting the fulfillment you anticipated. It's time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself and decide whether this is the right career path. The sooner you make a switch, the sooner you can jump into new classes and potentially graduate on time.

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3 You're at the Beach More than Class

What college student hasn't ditched a class or two? However, if you're always looking for an excuse to skip classes related to your major, and you would rather hang out at the beach, the mall or sleep, it might be time to find a major you're passionate about. If you lose interest in the subject you're studying, going to class each day can be a grueling chore.

4 You do Just Enough to Get by

If you lose interest in your major, you may do just what's needed to get a passing grade so you can move on. But if you don't care enough about your major to study hard and make the grade, maybe it's time to consider other alternatives. Some college students choose majors that earn the big bucks, or select a career path that will please their parents. Ultimately, you have to do what makes you happy.

5 Every Other Major Sounds Exciting

If you find that every other major sounds more exciting than what you're studying, it's time for self evaluation. Maybe your friends are studying music, art, journalism or science, and you feel these subjects are more up your alley.

6 You Cry at the End of a Break

The end of a winter, spring or summer break is a sad time for many college students. You may not cry literally, but if you become depressed and overly sad because you dread going back into those classrooms and picking up books that don't interest you, it might be time to choose a new major.

7 You Cry at the Thought of Doing This Work Forever

If you look ahead and dread working in this particular field for the next 20 or 30 years, this is a clear sign you need a new major. If you complete your degree and find a job in your field, you probably won't last more than a couple years. You might have to return to school and acquire a new skill. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by getting your major right the first time.

Choosing a college major is challenging, especially if you're interested in multiple fields. But it's important to really narrow down your interests and choose a career path that you'll find fulfilling and exciting. What are other signs you've chosen the wrong major?

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