Responses to the 'How's College' Question when You Hate College ...

By Lydia

Responses to the 'How's College' Question  when You Hate College ...

Want to know how to respond to the "how's college" question when you hate college? In an ideal world, the years that you spend in college, your first real years of independent freedom, are some of the best years of your life, but as many TV shows and movies will tell you, this isn’t always the case! Not everybody has a great experience at college, but that doesn’t stop family and friends asking them how it is going at every social even and visit home! Having to face that question over and over again when all you want to do is scream that you hate it can be tough, but here's how to respond to the "how's college" question when you hate college.

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1 Parents

Ultimately, it’s the best plan of action to be completely honest with your parents because they are probably your number one support system in all areas of your college experience from emotional to financial and everything in between! Your parents deserve to know how you are really feeling, and they only want you to be happy, so you never know what kinds of solutions they might have in mind once they know the truth. Don’t underestimate them; parents can be full of ideas when it comes to assuring their child’s happiness!

2 Family Friends

The constant questioning from distant family friends can be the most exhausting, and to be honest, you don’t owe them anything more than simple ‘fine’ excuse. Most of them will just be asking as a matter of politeness rather than genuine concern, so don’t worry about opening up to them in the same way that you would your parents. Just a few short words will suffice. You don’t have to go overboard and lie about it, but you also don’t have to give them a run down of the top five things that you happen to hate about college this week!

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3 Best Friends

Your besties went through the stressful process of application with you, so it’s only right that you lay it all out there for them to dissect and absorb! I’m not saying start a group chat entitled “I HATE COLLEGE” with them, but just remember that they will most likely be going through all of the same things as you right now, and will probably be able to give you the best advice out of any category of friends or relatives.

4 Other Friends

When you are home for a break and run into all of those more distant friends from school, college will always come up. You can pretty much judge your answer on a person to person basis here, but as a general rule, the best thing to do is say, ‘Fine! How about you?’ and deflect the question back to them in order to eat up the conversation time!

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