7 Great Things All Women Experience as They Grow up ...


7 Great Things All Women Experience as They Grow up ...
7 Great Things All Women Experience as They Grow up ...

Growing up can be scary and daunting, but there are many great aspects which we can look forward to as we transition from childhood to adolescence, and eventually adulthood.

Here are just a few benefits of growing up and all the things they can do in order to set us up for a happy and fulfilling life.

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You Realise What's Important

It's true that you don't realise what's truly important to you until you're older enough to answer this question for yourself. An important part of this is realising what your values, morals and ambitions are so that you can shape the rest of your life around these. Understanding what's important to you personally will help you to know exactly what to strive for in life and experience the rewards of success, naturally.


You Get to Know Yourself

When you're young, you know what your hobbies and interests are, your favourite foods, songs and colours and other trivial things along these lines. But getting to know yourself on a deeper level comes with age, time and patience. This can mean finding your 'identity', your place in the world and what kind of life you want for yourself.


You Make Things Happen for Yourself

Growing up is also when we start to become independent and stand on our own two feet. We take our first steps into the real world and find out how rewarding it feels to accomplish, achieve and succeed at something that we've done for ourselves. This is because we know that it was our own effort entirely and we didn't receive any outside help that could account for our success.


You Take on Responsibility

Another part of growing up is learning to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Often when we're young, we have a parent or guardian looking over our shoulder who can help us out of any trouble we find ourselves in, but the responsibility becomes solely our own once we grow up.


You Have Perspective

Having perspective means seeing the world a certain way and your personal outlook on life, and as the name suggests it's all about how you perceive things in a general sense. No two people will have exactly the same perspective of life, which creates plenty of variety and diversity.

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You Make Your Own Decisions

When we're young decisions are made for us by family, guardians and friends. This is often because we may not have the ability to make decisions ourselves, particularly major or life-changing ones. But as we grow up, we shift over to take steering wheel from someone else's hands and take control of our own lives, starting with decision-making.


You Keep Learning

It's true that we never stop learning, and that's one of the great things about growing up. There is no expectation that you're to know everything and have all the answers by the time you're a certain age, which relieves a lot of pressure we would constantly have to face and live up to if things were different.

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Actually there is expectations y on earth do we have soooo many tests and pressure on us? GCSE for example


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