How to Choose the Best Prom Dress for Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

How to Choose the Best Prom Dress for Your Zodiac Sign ...

Prom, it’s one of the most important milestones of your high school life, and it is also something that brings a lot of pressure thanks to the hundreds of teenage movies that feature the big night as a focal point! So you’ve got your date, you’ve got your transport, there is only one thing left to sort out, and it’s the most important thing of all, the dress! Here's how to choose the best prom dress for your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

Drama, drama, drama! That should be your number one priority when looking for a prom dress. Red is an obvious colour choice, but nobody can pull it off like you can!

2 Taurus

You suit those elegant, classic silhouettes because you have a traditional nature that deserves to be celebrated. Don’t think too hard outside of the box for your dress.

3 Gemini

You want a dress that is going to show off both sides of your personality, so something like a classic shape in an unconventional colour or pattern (or vice versa) is the sort of look you should be going for.

4 Cancer

You are someone who can always afford to let your natural beauty shine through, so something simple and elegant, far more simple than any other sign’s dress, is the way to go.

5 Leo

There is only one colour that suits the big, bold personality of a Leo, and this is obviously gold! Don’t be afraid to go as sparkly as you possibly can!

6 Virgo

Your striking features deserve a dark, dramatic colour, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that navy blue isn’t a suitable colour for a prom.

7 Libra

You have more grace than most other signs, so something peaceful and harmonious like a flowing, soft pale green gown is just the right fit.

8 Scorpio

You are fierce, and you should never try to hide it! Go big or go home: wear a dramatic red dress and don’t be worried about stealing all the attention!

9 Sagittarius

You are a great lover of nature, so not only should your dress be beautiful and flowing, you should also make the effort to seek out something that is sustainably made.

10 Capricorn

You never do anything inn a conventional way, so you know what the only option for a Capricorn is? A sexy female tailored tux! If Cate Blanchett can pull it off, why can’t you?

11 Aquarius

A pale blue gown is the kind of gown that you should be aiming to buy. It is the perfect representation of your cool, elegant but still playful side. You will look like you are floating on air!

12 Pisces

A dress in a soft, whimsical colour like lilac or mauve is perfect for a Pisces, something that has a lot of romance to it, but is much more peaceful than dramatic.

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