Ways to Organize College Work so Youre Not Overwhelmed ...

By Natalie

Ways to Organize College Work so Youre Not Overwhelmed ...

Sometimes I find it incredibly hard to find ways to organize college work. This is mainly due to laziness and just not knowing where to start. It is imperative to have great organizational skills when it comes to the deadline period. If you have the same struggles, here are a few ways to organize college work.

1 Make a List

This is one of my favorite ways to organize college work. I find that making a list really helps me to organize my college work. If they have tick boxes it gives you a way to see which goals you are achieving. This way everything is written down for you and you cannot forget a piece of work. Planning what you are going to do each day and writing a list the night before can be really help you focus. Although, bear in mind that you might not be able to do all the tasks that you want to: be realistic.

2 Organize Your Space

It is so hard to work and not get distracted in a messy area. If you don’t want to tidy your room, you can always go to the library. Personally, I think it is better not to do work in your room as you will then not see it as a relaxing place. Therefore, will not be able to get enough sleep to prepare for the next day.

3 File Away

Organizing your work into folders can be really handy. There is nothing worse than having paper flying all over the place and not knowing where to find information. This is also a time waster. Now a days you can get some really nice folders and notepad, so why wouldn't you want to use these?

4 File Away Online

Not all of your notes will be on paper, so why not buy a memory stick? It is a lot handier than carrying all of your papers around with you. When you have one, you should organize your work into folders; this means that you can find your work easily. Another, tip is to name your files with what they contain. I know this might sound obvious but I have spent ages looking for a folder just because it wasn't labelled correctly. An alternative way get organized is to store all of your files on an email, therefore you don’t have to worry about losing your memory stick. Also, don’t forget to back up files!

5 Get a Diary

I cannot stress how important my diary is to me. At the beginning of term I write all my deadlines in it, so that when it comes to the week before I’m not suddenly shocked that I have a deadline. (A note to my U.S. friends: a "diary" to me is a "planner" to you.)

6 Know Your Deadlines

This is where your diary will come in handy as you need to know your deadlines! There is nothing worse than not being prepared. I have found that the best way to keep on top of your work is to make mini deadlines for yourself. For example, why not set yourself a goal for the end of the week? Mine normally consist of reading all my sources and making notes and then the next week start writing my first draft.

7 Keep on Top of Things

I find it so hard to catch up with work when I am behind. Sometimes this is not your fault; however, you can safe guard yourself by being ahead of the work load. Such as if the teacher sets a date, make sure you do it the week before so that if any accidents occur you will have time to amend them.

Many of you have been through or are going through college. What are your best tips of staying ahead and organised at this stressful period in your life?

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