7 Signs You're Ready for the Semester to End ...

By Alicia

7 Signs You're Ready for the Semester to End ...

Are you beyond ready for summer break to get here? It’s right around the corner! But knowing that can make it even more difficult to finish your classes. These are 7 signs you’re ready for the semester to end and summer to begin!

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1 You’re Dreaming of Beaches and Lazy Days by the Pool

One sign you’re ready for the semester to end is that you’re dreaming of beaches and lazy days by the pool. Your mind is on the activities of summer. It’s certainly not on school. It’s difficult when you’re feeling this way. This is when you just have to make up your mind to power through the rest of the semester and know your hard work will pay off.

2 You’re Experiencing Big Time Burnout

Burnout can happen, even to the best of students. Honestly, if you’re experiencing burnout then you’re more than likely a good student. You’ve probably pushed yourself to do your best all year and now you’re feeling it. Tell yourself to hang in there just a little longer. The semester is almost over and you’ll have all summer to recuperate from your burnout.

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3 You Have to Force Yourself to do Your Homework

I remember this feeling well. At the end of a semester, you just want to be done with all the homework, projects and finals. This is a sure sign you’re ready for summer. Hang in there and promise yourself a nice reward when you’ve reached the end of all your classes. That can help you push yourself through that last bit of school.

4 The Thought of School Makes You Feel Big Time Dread

Do you feel dread when it’s time to go to school? That’s a typical symptom of the end of semester blues! Hang in there just a little bit longer. Remember that your dread will soon turn into excitement at having a whole summer stretched out before you to relax. When dread seems really bad, make a mental list of all the things you want to do this summer.

5 You Get Very Excited at the Thought of the Semester Ending

Does the thought of the semester ending make you feel over the moon excitement? Summer is a well-deserved reward after a long semester of hard work and dedication. Long days filled with summertime activities are just the medicine you need after all that work. Everyone needs balance in their life. Hard work needs to be balanced with play and relaxation.

6 Your Calendar Has a Countdown on It

Does your calendar have a countdown on it? That’s a sign you’re ready for the semester to end. Putting a countdown on your calendar can help you get through the last few days. It gives you the motivation you need to keep going. It’s a lot of fun to mark each day off, too.

7 Finals Week Makes You Happy

Does the thought of finals week make you feel happy? It means you’re almost done! Even though you’ve still got to get through that last bit, you’re close to the finish line. Keep going and it’ll all be worth it. You can finish up with good grades and a great summer ahead!

These are 7 signs you’re ready for the semester to end and to begin your summer vacation. How many of these signs did you have? Share your thoughts about this subject with me!

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Definitely felt the burnout. glad it's finally over.! :)

I'm ready for end of this semester, but unfortunately I have to study all summer, 'cause I have exams 'till September, when my next semester is starting. And of course i have maybe 3-4 weeks of holidays but I'll have to study 'cause when they start they are every third day, and three days are not enough to study for exam :(

Yup; I'm ready for school to end!

Almost there! Just a few more weeks!

I'm getting it right. My last to exams are here. And I did 4 already. I am so mentally tired. But I'll hang in there. And it's the end of the year here in UK everyone else is on there summer holiday and I'm still revising whilst the sun is still out *sighs*

I feel all of those!! Schools almost out!! Yeah

I'm about to finish a Diploma (I'm from Australia) and in the middle of the year it feels so weird! I'm feeling a bit of 3 at the moment so I'm finishing up my last few tasks for two units and then I'll be a qualified early childhood teacher ^_^ so excited!!

Not ready for end of semester cos that means end of semester exams!! Lol

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