Why You Should Stop Worrying about What You'll do after College ...

By Valencia

Why You Should Stop Worrying about What You'll do after College ...

If you're about to graduate college, you might worry about what you'll do after school. Will you live at home or get your own place? Will you find a job immediately? All these questions might run through your head, but you shouldn't worry yourself sick. Understandably, you have to make some important decisions, but there are reasons why you shouldn't worry about life after college.

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1 Just about Every Graduate Feels the Same Way

Although it's good to have a life plan, don't drive yourself crazy solidifying plans immediately after college. Some college graduates feel they have to have all the answer as soon as they grab their degree. Understand, however, you're not alone. Just about every graduate feels the same way. It might help to talk with other recent graduates or maybe your friends. You can provide each other with support and encouragement.

2 You'll Miss out on the Present

If you're stressed and worry about life immediately after college, you might not enjoy this moment in time. You're about to graduate college, which is a huge accomplishment. And this might be your last few weeks or months of youthful freedom. Rather than focus so much on the future, try and live in the here and now.

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3 Worrying Doesn't Help the Situation

Worrying isn't going to help the situation. Over the years I've known college students who lost sleep and their appetites obsessing about life after college. It's normal to be a little scared and apprehensive about the future, but it's nothing you can't handle. The future is going to happen regardless of whether you're prepared. So if you have to, relax and take it one step at a time.

4 The Worst-case Scenario Probably Won't Happen

Fear of an unknown future may drive your obsession. But often times, worrying causes our minds to imagine the unthinkable. If you're graduating in the next couple of weeks and you haven't gotten a job offer, you may start to worry that you'll never find work. And as you continue to obsess, you might starting thinking you won't have income to repay your student loans. However, thinking about a worst-case scenario is pointless. In all likelihood the situations you imagine will never occur.

5 There's Plenty of Time to Decide Your Future

At the end of the day, there probably isn't a rush to make big decisions now. If your parents say it's okay to move back home, then take your time and figure out your next move.

6 You're Free to Change Your Mind

Some college graduates worry they'll make a wrong decision regarding employment after leaving school. Or they wonder whether they made the right choice by "not" going to graduate school. However, you're still young, and if you think you took a wrong path, you can always go back and take a different path.

7 Don't Make Comparisons

You might also worry about the future if you compare your situation with you friends. If you're looking for work with no callbacks while the majority of your friends have already had several interviews and job offers, you might start to stress about life after college, or feel you'll be left behind. However, just because it takes a little longer to accomplish a goal doesn't mean it won't happen.

Life after college is a big change, and it's normal to be nervous. But rather than obsess about your future, take it one day at a time, and realize there's plenty of time to make big decisions.

What did you worry about the most before graduating college?

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Helpful advice since I've just graduated and haven't got a job offer yet :/

Great post thank you!

Sometimes you just have to take a job that's not in your field of study to make ends meet or pay your student loans. You can still hunt for the dream job while you work!

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