7 Important Goals for Your Senior Year ...


7 Important Goals for Your Senior Year ...
7 Important Goals for Your Senior Year ...

It's always a good time to begin thinking of goals for your senior year. Whether you're a rising freshman or a rising senior, the end to your high school career is closer than you think! And before you finally earn your diploma, you should work on accomplishing these goals for your senior year.

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Get a Job

Even if that job is mowing lawns for your neighbors, you should consider getting a job one of the most important goals for your senior year. Likely after you graduate, you'll be working for the rest of your life until retirement. To some, that means putting off joining the workforce until the latest time possible. But in actuality, it means that you should get experience now, so finding a job and succeeding in it will be easier later.


Go on a Senior Trip

This may not seem like a "goal," but there is a lot that goes into going on a senior trip. You need to make travel arrangements, save money, and schedule the trip during this hectic final year of high school. But all of the hard work will be worth it when you're making memories with your friends on the trip of a lifetime.



Graduation is the climax of your high school career. If you don't reach it, what was the point of enduring four years of social and academic torture? Graduating should be at the top of your to-do list this year. You know that you're capable of accomplishing it, so don't self-sabotage now by failing classes or getting expelled.


Pursue a Higher Education

I know that after spending almost your entire life in a classroom, the words "higher education" may make you cringe! But it should still be a goal that you work toward your senior year. A higher education doesn't necessarily mean a four year university, because that isn't the right path for everyone. You can also consider attending a community or junior college as well as a trade school to accomplish this goal.


Make New Friends

Making friends is more important than it appears. Making friends can actually mean making connections- who knows who the next Steve Jobs is? Plus, making new friends is great practice for improving your people skills and eliminating awkwardness from first-time-meetings.


Be Kind

Every day of your senior year, simply aim to be kind! This is a great, simple goal you can set for yourself that will make an amazing difference. Kindness can have a major impact on the way you and your peers enjoy senior year. Everyone just wants to have a fun, memorable year, so allow your joy to manifest itself as kindness each and every day!



During your senior year, you may still feel like a little kid, or you may already feel like you're thirty! Either way, it's never too late nor too early to plan ahead. You should plan for both your immediate future as well as years in advance. But at the same time, don't stress yourself out too much with micro-managing.

Senior year is a time to be excited for! You've worked hard for the past eleven years, and deserve a great year. But an integral part of making this year incredible is setting goals for yourself and accomplishing them. What sort of goals do you have for yourself?

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