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7 Reliable Majors to Pursue when You're Unsure of What You Want to do after College ...

By Sabrina

For many students, college is just around the corner, so it’s time to decide on some reliable majors to pursue once you attend your University. If you’re unsure of what you want to do after college, it can be pretty difficult to select a major. But some reliable majors to pursue can help nudge you in the direction you want to go, provide you with an incredible college experience, and offer high chances of landing a job after graduation.

1 Communications

Description: “...provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication, the symbol systems by which it functions, the environments in which it occurs, its media, and its effects.” - via

There’s no limit to the career paths a degree in communications could take you down, which is why it’s one of the most reliable majors to pursue for a Freshman in college. There are many fields you could enter, including business, advertising, education, and public relations. A degree in communications is pretty much as broad as it gets, so you’ll get to dabble in different subjects throughout your college career and come out a well-rounded scholar- which employers love!

2 Business Administration

Description: “...curriculum consists of a broad range of courses from various business disciplines, including business computing, business law, business statistics, entrepreneurship, economics, finance, management, marketing, and real estate.” - via

Did you know that you could work in a hospital with a degree in business administration? You could also work in a bank, hotel, or for the government. Business administration is such a desirable skill in people entering the workforce that you can fit in at virtually any company! Eventually, you may even work your way up the food chain using your skills in entrepreneurship and management until you become the CEO!

3 Marketing Research

Description: “Students develop an understanding of the theories and techniques of planning, conducting, analyzing and presenting market studies.” - via

If you picture yourself working for an international company someday, and are somewhat of a perfectionist, you were born to be a market researcher! Plus, one of the most reliable majors you can pursue is Marketing Research. Companies need Marketing Research majors for jobs such as advertising, event planning, fundraising, and product managing. The list of prospective jobs goes on and on, meaning that the sky is the limit for you once you decide on a Marketing Research major.

4 Psychology

Description: "Psychology as a scientific discipline aims to describe, understand, and predict the behavior of living organisms. In doing so, psychology embraces the many factors that influence behavior - from sensory experience to complex cognition, from the role of genetics to that of social and cultural environments...” - via

The field of psychology is infinitely interesting and eternally expanding as we discover more about ourselves. Not only will you have loads of fun while studying psychology in college, you’ll also earn an impressive degree that will land you job opportunities in the future. High paying jobs like child psychiatrist and forensic psychologist wait for ambitious psych majors! So if you’re interested in understanding the human mind and behaviors as much as you are in being successful in the future, psychology may be the perfect career for you!

5 Computer Science

Description: “...provide students with a strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals and computer system technology; practical problem-solving skills for creating computer systems applications; the ability and motivation to adapt as technology advances.” - via

If you’ve always loved math and science, a wise step to take in college would be toward a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. In the modern world, society needs computer scientists. With a degree in computer science, you’ll be invaluable to hundreds of employers, and practically guaranteed a job wherever you go!

6 History

Description: “The study of history develops habits of critical thinking and effective writing, as well as it cultivates the careful analysis of various types of quantitative and qualitative evidence.” - via

Believe it or not, History is an interesting, reliable major to pursue for indecisive students. While it seems like the whole world champions science and science alone, there is still a great need for historians in our society. Jobs for history majors range from education to politics, business, and industry. And why is that? Because History majors understand; they understand human tendencies, other cultures, and other nations. So if you have a pretty strong aversion to science and math, you can pursue the humanities and still have great chances at leading a successful life in the future!

7 Exploratory

Description: Undeclared until you decide what you want to do after college!

Some colleges offer an “Exploratory Major” for incoming Freshman; others refer to this path as "Undecided" or "Undeclared." But no matter what you call it, an Exploratory major is a great option for unsure students like you. You can explore different majors by taking various classes, until you get to know yourself a little bit better. By the time you have all of your general education classes out of the way, you’re bound to have a clearer idea of what you want to do after college and have no trouble settling on a major.

College is all about trying new things, so if you apply to any one of these majors and change your mind down the road, no worries! You will still have gained valuable knowledge and skills. But if you do pursue one of these majors, you’re practically guaranteed a stable job. Which one of these majors piqued your interest?

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