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Have you wondered what are the most commonly asked questions during sorority recruitment? People always ask me details about sorority life, and now that I am on the other side of things, I find what people ask about somewhat interesting. If you are planning on rushing a sorority next semester, you might want to check out these commonly asked questions during sorority recruitment:

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Which Sorority Are You in?

This is such a silly question, but it is one of the most commonly asked questions during sorority recruitment! You can tell which sorority a sorority sister is in by looking at the letters on her chest. She might even be wearing a tote bag with the letters or a lavaliere with her letters. PS. learn the Greek alphabet! It’s easy and will make recruitment less confusing!


Why Did You Join a Sorority?

I joined a sorority because I wanted to. It was something that always interested me, and I wanted to make close friends. Joining a sorority allowed me to make new friends, or sisters, and we do a lot of things together.


Did You Get Hazed?

No, no and… no. Regardless of whether we did or not, we are not entitled to answer this question. Ever. So you’re better off just not asking. It usually just gets really tense.

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Do You Buy Your Friends?

In order to get into a sorority, the sisters have to like you and vice versa. So my answer is no, of course. Being in a sorority adds at least 70 new girls to your friends circle, but I never thought of this as “buying my friends”.


Is It Hard to Get in?

Yup! And just a word for the wise: typically, rushing a sorority is a longer and more intense process in the South compared to the Northwest.


Do You like It?

Whenever I get asked this, I just want to sarcastically answer: “No, I pay $2,000 a semester to spend time and energy with people I despise in an organization that means absolutely nothing to me.” But of course I like being in a sorority. Like everything else, we have our ups and downs, but in the end, we support and love each other through difficulties!


What do You do in It?

Well, we make memories that last a lifetime, friendships that last a lifetime, volunteer, participate in more campus events that you can ever imagine, go to mixers, and create events that contribute to our philanthropy. Need I say more?


What’s the Difference between X Sorority and Y Sorority?

That’s like asking what’s the difference between a dog and a cat. They’re both animals, yes, but they differ in so many ways. Similarly, XΩ and ΠΒΦ are both sororities, but everything else about them is different, and not just in name. Philanthropies, symbols, and histories (to name a few) are unique to each sorority.


What’s Initiation like?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you…just kidding. But it’s under lock and key. Each sister experiences it differently and remembers different parts from it, but it is such a special and memorable day for all. I still get the chills when I think back on the day of my initiation!

These are the questions that I get asked very frequently. I hope they help clear up some confusions that you may have had about sorority life! Are you a member of a sorority? Do you get asked these questions?

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The best question I ever received was "will your daughter join your sorority if you ever have one?" Whoa talk about a great question! My answer is yea!

I couldn't join one. I can't stand rushing

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