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It might not seem like it, but fours year of high school fly by and before you even realize it, you will be wearing a cap and gown walking down the center stage for what is going to be the last moment of you being a senior in high school. The feelings are bittersweet, so if you are still a lowerclassman in high school, make sure to make those last years count. Don’t let your high school years waste away and just take these tips for when you are a senior in high school into consideration.

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Participate in Every Senior Activity

When you are a senior in high school, senior activities are made just for you to make sure you are enjoying your last year before college and really making it count. Therefore, don’t hold back! Participate in every activity and avoid missing out on events just because you don’t feel like wasting your money. You don’t want to regret not attending you senior prom or trip, while everyone makes long lasting memories.


Raise the School Spirit

If you have not been on top of your school spirit the last couple of years, it is time to get into it now! Participate in spirit weeks and go to major sports games to support your school; you’ll be surprised at how much fun it could be. Plus stepping out of your comfort zone is never a bad idea.


Get College Applications out of the Way

Once you are well on your way to senior year in high school, college stress really hits you with full force. So unless you want to spend the beginning of your senior year stressed out, complete college applications in advance and be mindful of deadlines. The more productive and organized you are with your time, there better off you will be.


Break up Cliques

Based on my high school experience, there are none of the distinct stereotypical cliques in high school. Nonetheless, students still tend to separate themselves into groups. By senior year, inner groups are already established but I would personally recommend to spread your horizons and get to know the rest of your graduating class!


Get a Job

Senior year is the perfect time to get your first job and slowly get into the groove of becoming more responsible and independent. Since you won’t really get much of a work load as a senior, it is important to occupy your time and get some real life experiences to get a glimpse of what college life can potentially be. Instead of being completely submerged into an unfamiliar environment, it is nice to take baby steps.


Keep up Your Average

What I have recently noticed is that many seniors see 12th grade as the time put education on a hiatus and do whatever their heart desires. While senior year is definitely a more relaxed and laid back period of your life, you can’t just kick education to the curb unless you don’t want to graduate. Attendance and grades still count, so make sure to put some effort into it.


Don’t Look Back

While your high school experiences will be some of the most unforgettable moments of your life, you still have a lot more to look forward to. So don’t get over-attached to your environment or people because anything that happens does so for the better. Plus, spending four years of your life in the same place with the same people can be quite uneventful, so maybe a change is all you need right now.

Speaking from personal experience, high school seems like a blur. Time flew by without me even realizing it. Now it’s my senior year and it’s nice to see things in perspective. What are some of your tips for rising or current seniors?

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Thanks for a good article! In the senior year, I would recommend girls to go around, take a look at the students below you, and try helping out the juniors, when they are in need, AND if they don't show an attitude..

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