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7 Things Only Second Semester Seniors Can Understand ...

By Vladlena

As a high school student, there is only one thing you will always be looking forward to and that is becoming a part of the second semester seniors group. The first semester of senior year is fully dedicated to college and financial aid applications, but the second semester is usually reserved for new experiences and unlimited fun. If you have yet to become a part of the second semester seniors, here are some things you will potentially be going through.

1 Senioritis is Real

The first three years of your high school career, you spend your time believing that senioritis is a myth, but wait until you become one of the second semester seniors and you will change your mind! You can be the most dedicated and hardworking student, but believe me, you will fall to senioritis because it is completely inevitable. Some get affected more than others, but there will definitely be a change in your work ethic.

2 Procrastination is Inevitable

Procrastination is the biggest problem that students come to deal with, but during the second semester of senior year this problem is amplified and you are more prone to give in. It is actually very typical of a student to drop their book bag the second they come home and not touch it until an hour before they go to bed. It’s brutal so brace yourself because essentially, it is a given.


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3 Sweatpants and Leggings Are Your Uniform

There is no real explanation for this, but as a second semester senior, you will consider your day a success if you come to school in anything besides sweatpants and leggings. Waking up early for school is bad enough, so getting ready requires extra effort. Guess it is a good thing most schools have Pajama Days, huh?

4 Report Cards No Longer Bother You

As bad as it sounds, during the last couple of months of your senior year, you no longer care about your grades. While you do try to keep up a certain GPA and avoid failing, you will notice that you’ll no longer go an extra mile for a couple of points. Plus this is the only time that you will actually get the chance to not care before you are once again a freshman.

5 You Are Ready for Something New

Spending four years in the same school and the same area can get quite repetitive and tiring. There is only so much you can do before you fall into the same boring routine, which is why by the time you are a second semester senior, you get this desire to venture into something new. You wish for a change of pace and a breath of fresh air.

6 You Start Seeing People in a New Light

Believe it or not, but it is during the second semester of your senior year that people really show their true selves. You notice that some people are not what you thought them to be, which may be because now you have more time to observe others, or because senioritis exposes their true personalities. The bottom line is that you will begin to see your peers in new light, for better or worse.

7 Graduation Can’t Come Any Sooner

Once you hit the second semester mark, graduation will be the topic of every conversation. Everyone is waiting for that moment when he or she will walk across the stage and receive his or her diploma. As cliché as it sounds, it is the moment that we have all been waiting for! However, there is still some time before we say the final goodbyes.

Second semester of senior year in high school is really unlike any other. Everyone has already decided for certain which college he or she is going to attend, so this is the time to make the best of what is left of high school. What are some other things only second semester seniors can relate to?

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