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Graduation is sneaking up on you quicker than expected, which means it's time to try all of the things to do with your best friend before you part ways for college. Your best friend is probably the person who made high school bearable, who knows all of your secrets and loves you like a sister. Letting go will be tough, but doing things to do with your best friend the day before you take off for college will forge memories that will sustain you for a lifetime!

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Play "what Are the Odds"

"What are the odds" is a favorite game among my group of friends, and easily makes the list of things to do with your best friend the day before you graduate. What are the odds goes something like this - your friend says "What are the odds we go to Disney land right now?" Then you choose the range of numbers (1-10, 20, or 30). After that, on the count of three you both shout out a number within the established range and if you choose the same number, you have to go to Disneyland! You'll have tons of fun playing this game and embark on adventures you never could have expected!


Bury a Time Capsule

What would be a last day with your friend without burying a time capsule together? Place mementoes you collected and shared throughout high school into a sturdy, water proof container and bury it well someplace. Then set a reminder on each of your phones for ten years from that date to return and open the box together! You'll have tons of fun creating the time capsule, as well as hope for a reunion in the not-too-distant future!


Take a Hundred Photos

Literally, take 100 pictures with your best friend! Dress up, do each other's hair and makeup - basically, have your own mini photo shoot. Each photo will mean a new memory, and you can take them with you to your dorm at college for decoration! That way you and your best friend think of each other often, and have enough memories to keep you going for the whole year!


Burn CDs for One Another

I love burning CDs for my best friends, and love receiving them just as much! When you go away to college, having a CD personally made by your BFF will help you when you're missing her. You can play it while doing homework you would do together if she were there, or upload it to your iPod to carry a piece of her wherever you go. Music really is the best medicine for homesickness, so making CDs for one another will keep the two of you going when times are tough.


Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are homes for all of the amazing memories you've made with your best friend over the years. That means you'll have to do a ton of digging to find your favorite photos and mementos to include in the scrapbook! Once you get going, you and your bestie will be able to create something amazing!


Stay up All Night

When you're running out of time with your best friend, you should definitely pull an all-nighter! I always think that conversations get better and go deeper the later it gets. That means in one, long night you'll learn more about your best friend than you ever expected! So rent some movies, buy a ton of food, and invite your BFF over to stay up all night with you!


Get Crafty

Pretty soon you and your best friend will be away at college living in plain, tiny dorms with complete strangers. In order to bring life to your dorm, you'll need some creative projects to decorate your new home with. You and your friend can kill two birds with one stone by spending several hours together as you get crafty, working on fun DIY projects for your dorm room!


Make Care Packages for Each Other

Care packages may seem corny, but they can really help when you’re away at school if they’re made by someone you love. That’s why you and your best friend should make care packages for each other before you part ways for college. In these care packages, you can put anything from cookies and blankets to favorite books and movies. No matter what's inside, designing a personalized care package will be a wonderful bonding experience and keep your friend close to your heart even when you’re miles apart.


Go out to a Favorite Spot

Your favorite spot may be a restaurant, the beach, or the mall. Every pair of best friends has a place they love more than anywhere else in their town. Figure out yours and spend your last day together with your BFF at your favorite place. It will bring back old memories for reminiscing, while you create new memories too!

There’s a reason why Shakespeare said “parting is such sweet sorrow”. It is! It’s great to watch your friend move on to bigger and better things, but parting with them is extremely painful. In order to ease that pain though, you should rely on these fun activities. Which will you and your best friend do the day before you leave for college?

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