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7 Ways to Avoid Drifting Away from Your Friends after High School ...

By Lyndsie

Right now you may think you'll never need to know any ways to avoid drifting away from your friends after high school, college, or even a move. However, it's tragically easy for friendships to fade, even though we now have more ways to stay in touch than we've ever enjoyed before. Time moves on and life happens. There aren't enough hours in a day for college, jobs, and forging new friendships, so it becomes easier and easier to write fewer letters, make fewer phone calls, and send fewer texts. For those of you starting new adventures over the summer, cherish your friendships, and make use of the best ways to avoid drifting away from your friends after a new transition.

1 Make the Commitment

Friendship is a commitment no matter what, so you have to commit to nurturing your friendships. Without the promise of hard work, there are no sure ways to avoid drifting away from your friends. It can't be down to one person, either. Everyone has to work to continue the friendships. You're responsible for holding up your part, and so are your friends.

2 Have a Goodbye Party

I know this sounds shallow, but there's a purpose. Getting together again before you go your separate ways will cement the occasion in your memory. You have something concrete and clear to look back on, something more recent than all of memories you've shared. That can give you the push you need to make a call or plan a future gathering. You also have the opportunity to exchange your contact information – not just email addresses and social media handles, but new addresses and phone numbers as well.


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3 Update Your Social Media

That being said, you should use all your social media accounts. Life after school is exciting and it's filled with new opportunities. If you're in college or already working, you're busy. You're acclimating to something brand new and getting into the groove of your new routine. Sometimes you simply don't have the time to write several letters or call all of your friends. You can update everyone through your Facebook or Tumblr accounts, however, and share smaller stories through Twitter. You could even start a blog. However, don't make huge announcements that way. When big things happen or you need to talk, reach out for real.

4 Make Time for Each Other

You definitely need to make time for Skype sessions or Facetime friend dates, as well as phone calls and visits. Try to see each other as often as possible. If you've got a group of friends, an annual get-together is a great way to keep in touch. Seeing each other is so much better than texts, emails, and even video chats.

5 Respect Your Space

You're all doing something new, though. You still need to be there for your friends, and they still need to be there for you. However, if a week goes by with only a little contact, or you can't make a trip to see your friend one weekend, forgive each other. Your friends aren't trying to dump you and you aren't fading away from your friends. Life gets busy, that's all. Respect that space; you all need it.

6 Don't Get Lazy

Don't let your new life take over so much that you forget your old one. That's not fair to your friends, and you'll be lacking because of it as well. You may not have a lot of time, but you can always spare a few minutes to get in touch with the people who mean the most to you.

7 Make New Memories

You have to make new memories together, after all. You have a past together, and that's beautiful – but it's not forever. Don't rely on your memories of the things you did in high school to hold you together. Make new memories with each other, and do things that will keep your friendship alive.

I'm getting in touch with many of my high school friends, and over a decade later, we're able to use these methods to get to know each other again. You can use these techniques to keep your high school friendships strong all through the years. Are you a high school or college senior leaving many of your friends behind? What are you going to do to keep in touch?

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