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When you are in high school, you are still learning more about yourself and therefore won’t always make the best decisions, so high school regrets are very typical. However, you can learn to avoid them in advance through friendly words of advice from those who have been through it already! After all, why make the same mistakes, when you can learn from somebody else’s? So here are the top high school regrets to avoid from a person who just graduated!

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Not Getting to Know More People

I am not usually the person to live with regrets, but one of the few high school regrets that I do have is not getting to know more people. I regret not becoming friends with interesting people outside of my circle of friends. So make the most unexpected friendships and form connections with those you are interested in, you will not regret it!


Often, we stick to our comfort zones and hesitate to branch out, but high school is a melting pot of diversity and opportunity, filled with unique individuals from all walks of life. Embrace this chance to expand your horizons. By engaging with different cliques and social groups, you not only enrich your own perspective but also discover shared interests and common grounds in the most surprising places. Dare to be curious about others and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the bonds you create. Remember, the friendships you forge today can leave a lasting impact well beyond your high school years.


Not Working Hard Enough

We all have our lazy moments but it is only in retrospect that we realize that if we had worked just a little harder in the past, we would be in a very different place today. For example, if you studied just a little more rigorously for the SATs, you would have gotten into your dream college! Hard work pays off, so do your very best when you are able to do so.


Often, the temptation to take it easy in our teen years can overshadow the benefits of diligence. Remember those late nights socializing when you could have been reviewing algebra? Yes, balance is necessary, but finding the right mix of fun and focus is key. Reflect on goals that require hard work now, for they can pave the way to a future filled with success and fewer what-ifs. Let's make sure our future selves are thankful for the efforts we choose to invest today.



Procrastination is something that every high school student has to deal with. It’s like a contagious disease that spreads through the entire student body. How many times did you regret leaving a project for the last minute? If you only started a couple of days earlier, your grade would have probably been much higher and you wouldn’t have to stress over meeting the deadline.


Not Making Physical Activity a Priority

Around the time high school rolls around, boys and girls become very self aware of their appearance, yet some fail to prioritize physical activity and rely solely on their high metabolism. However, you won’t always be able to eat whatever you want without gaining a few pounds! Trust me, you will regret not choosing the healthy lifestyle as you age.


Caring Too Much about What Others Think

In high school, it is all about the group mentality. No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that we don’t conform to our peers, we still care about what they think of us. So we base our actions, fashion sense and overall behavior on what our friends believe is proper. However, realizing that none of that matters will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.


Not Staying in Touch with Middle School Friends

In high school you will definitely meet new friends who will potentially remain in your life forever, but this doesn’t mean that you should automatically drop your middle school friends. It’s hard to keep in touch when you are going to different schools but if your friends in middle school meant something to you, you should make the effort to maintain your friendship.


Taking Everything Too Seriously

Looking back, everything in high school is over-dramatized. Every argument, problem or heartbreak you have seems like a much bigger deal in high school. However, taking everything too seriously will only cause you more stress, so realize that all of these ‘problems’ are minor and just enjoy you life as a carefree teenager. Soon enough you will have much bigger problems to deal with.

High school is a place that becomes like a second home after four years. It’s a place where you learn more about yourself and really grow up into a wholesome person. But there will be ups and downs, and you will make mistakes. Hopefully after going through this list, you will take some things into consideration. What are some things you regret so far during your time in high school?

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This is perfect !

Most girls fall pregnant these days too

I like all of these except for the last one. Yeah, in retrospect I might regret taking things too seriously, but while I'm living in these things I need to express myself and my feelings. It's not like you can just brush off a breakup, because right then it matters. Everything matters when you're feeling it at that point in your life. Later on, you may regret spending so much time on it, but you needed that time in order to heal properly. That's why I don't agree with it.

On point!

Definitely not hanging out with my friends as much as I should have, like after school. I see it's kind of a big thing with my entire grad class, barely anyone hung out after class

Agree with all of these:) although I do think you should have added something about not compromising yourself for a guy (I think we all know what I mean). That was my biggest regret and something I think all girls need to really think about.

But yes, for the little things like not getting that shirt you wanted, or wasting a few dollars on candy at the school's store, yes. But otherwise I don't agree

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