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7 Forms of Self-expression to Try in High School ...

By Sabrina

One of the best things about being young is getting the chance to experiment with a ton of forms of self-expression! As a teen, you always have confusing emotions bubbling up inside you, and they aren’t always easy to express... That’s why it’s important to try out fun, unique forms of self-expression each day of your youth! Luckily in high school, there are plenty of clubs, classes, and parks and rec programs designed for self-expressive teens such as you!

1 Fashion

At some point in her life, almost every girl has been drawn to the mysterious world of fashion. But what goes on behind the scenes? In order to find out, you should try out some fun forms of self-expression tied to fashion. Designing, styling, and sewing can all help express how you feel and think on the inside. You’ll help create a masterpiece, and feel satisfied in the end! Check and see if there are any fashion classes or clubs you can enroll in to try it out.

2 Visual Art

A traditional form of self-expression is creating visual art. Whether it’s painting or drawing, creating visual art can be extremely cathartic. You’ll feel better after pouring your heart out onto a blank canvas, and may be amazed by what you are able to create with just your imagination! Maybe you have a natural talent, or maybe you’re like me and can hardly hold a pencil straight! Either way, your school and community are bound to offer courses to help foster your artistic skills.

3 Music

I’ve always been amazed by the fact that every year thousands of new songs are written all over the world, and that they have been for centuries! Yet the melodies never repeat themselves. That’s because music is an extremely personal form of self-expression. If you’re musically talented, you should try composing songs to feel better and at rest. However, even if you’ve never played an instrument in your life, there are means of learning! From YouTube videos to classes at your high school, there are a number of ways to release yourself into music!

4 Sculpting

Pottery making is a beautiful, somewhat obscure form of self-expression worth trying out. It will be a fun experience and also an emotional release. Find out if your school has a ceramics or sculpting class, then try it out and see if you don’t feel any better!

5 Poetry

Robert Frost said that “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”. Thus, poetry is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression! While at first you may feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable writing down your emotions in verse, eventually it will feel more natural and cathartic! Why not open up your journal and start letting the words flow today?

6 Fiction Writing

While fiction writing is often less direct than poetry, for many people it’s the most effective form of self-expression. Hiding your feelings in a character vastly different than you can be extremely helpful in expressing yourself. It’s less awkward and obvious than other forms of artistic expression. I would recommend enrolling in a creative writing course near you so that you can blossom as a writer and expressive human being!

7 Debate

Speech and debate is a form of self-expression, too! Sometimes it’s best just to speak your mind and get things off your chest, and debate club is a safe environment where you can do just that. You’ll also get to improve your public speaking skills and make new, interesting friends!

Self-expression is a huge part of living in this world. If we couldn’t use speech, art, and literature to express ourselves, how would we be any different from the other members of the animal kingdom! That’s why learning the different forms of self-expression is a critical part of growing up. Which of these ways do you think you’d like to try out?

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