7 Forms of Self-expression to Try in High School ...


One of the best things about being young is getting the chance to experiment with a ton of forms of self-expression! As a teen, you always have confusing emotions bubbling up inside you, and they aren’t always easy to express... That’s why it’s important to try out fun, unique forms of self-expression each day of your youth! Luckily in high school, there are plenty of clubs, classes, and parks and rec programs designed for self-expressive teens such as you!

1. Fashion

At some point in her life, almost every girl has been drawn to the mysterious world of fashion. But what goes on behind the scenes? In order to find out, you should try out some fun forms of self-expression tied to fashion. Designing, styling, and sewing can all help express how you feel and think on the inside. You’ll help create a masterpiece, and feel satisfied in the end! Check and see if there are any fashion classes or clubs you can enroll in to try it out.

Visual Art