9 Ways to Ace a Difficult Class ...


Every year you’re reminded of how impossible it seems to ace a difficult class! Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses, so you may rock Calculus but struggle in English class, or vice versa. No matter where your struggle is, take heart because there are several simple ways to ace a difficult class! I’ve been in your shoes more than once, so I’d love to share my tactics for being successful in a challenging subject with you!

1. Study

This one’s a no brainer- if you want to ace a difficult class, you’ve got to study! Still, you may find yourself reluctant to study. For an example, let’s say your difficult class is Chemistry. When you study, you may feel so defeated because the notes look like they’re in a different language! So what do you do? You shut your notebook and walk away. But that’s the opposite of what you should be doing. Each day, you should measure out a certain amount of time to study. At first, it will be frustrating, but eventually you’ll gain a firm grasp on the subject! Keep in mind that reading and re-reading your notes isn’t the only way to study; you can watch YouTube videos on the subject, make flashcards, or ask your teacher for help as well!

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