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With so many national sororities to choose from, it's hard to narrow them down! It is helpful to see which sororities your own campus has, so you don’t look forward to one and then later be disappointed that it doesn’t exist at your school. Here are a few of the top national sororities that you should definitely check out.

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Chi Omega

Chi Omega Gotto go Chi O! Chi O is the largest member of the National Panhellenic Conference for a reason. Chi Omega is one of my all-time favorite national sororities, even though it’s not my own. I know so many wonderful ladies in this sorority. Chi Omega’s philanthropy is Make-A-Wish Foundation, it’s mascot is an owl, the symbol is a skull and crossbones, the colors are cardinal and straw, and their motto is "Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals."


Chi Omega surely stands out with its impressive legacy of fostering sisterhood and leadership among its members. The sorority takes pride in promoting personal integrity and excellence through its various programs and activities. With a strong network that supports both current members and alumnae, Chi O sisters have ample opportunities to make lasting connections and empower one another. It's no wonder that many young women aspire to wear the iconic cardinal and straw, symbols of a fraternity that cherishes tradition while encouraging its members to be agents of positive change in society.


Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Chi Omega I was set on rushing Alpha Chi Omega, but was really upset when my school didn’t have a chapter. But that led on to better things: me finding out about Alpha Phi, and eventually becoming a sister. Alpha Chi Omega is also one of the biggest sororities in the nation, and for a good reason: its philanthropy is domestic violence awareness. How awesome is that! A Chi O’s symbol is a golden lyre and its motto: "Together Let Us Seek New Heights."


With dedicated efforts towards promoting healthy relationships and combating domestic violence, Alpha Chi Omega stands not only for sisterhood but also for social activism. Their commitment extends beyond campus grounds, as members often engage in community service and educational programs that empower women. Additionally, joining A Chi O means embracing their rich tradition of musical excellence, a nod to their lyre symbol, showing that beauty, harmony, and solidarity are central tenets. Sisters in Alpha Chi Omega find themselves part of a legacy that encourages personal growth, leadership, and lifelong bonds.

Frequently asked questions

It's honestly about finding where you feel most at home! Check out their values, events, and the vibe of the sisters. Trust your gut!

Not necessarily! National sororities have a widespread network, which can be awesome, but local ones often have tight-knit communities. It really depends on what you're looking for!

The whole 'tier' thing is mostly about popularity and social status on campus. But honestly, a 'bottom tier' sorority might have the most genuine friendships and fun activities. Don't stress too much about it!

Absolutely! Many national sororities are super welcoming to transfer students. Just check in with the chapter on your new campus to see how their recruitment works.

The network, hands down! You'll have connections all over the country, which can be super helpful for career stuff, travel, and just making new friends.


Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi Good ol’ Alpha Phi didn’t make it onto this list because it’s near and dear to my heart; Alpha Phi consistently ranks in the top national sororities. Alpha Phi’s philanthropy is cardiac care, so all philanthropy events raise money for that. One of the most popular events is the Red Dress Gala, which is usually a success. The mascot is the Phi bear, the symbol is the ivy leaf, the colors are silver and Bordeaux, and the motto is "Union Hand In Hand."


Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi ADPi is another wonderful sorority! Alpha Delta Pi’s mascot is the lion, and its jewel is the diamond. There are so many ADPis nationwide, including Luke Bryan’s beautiful wife. ADPi’s philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House. Fun fact: ADPi was the first secret society for women at a university in the U.S.!


Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) is one of the 11 national sororities to consider when rushing. Founded in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, ADPi is the first secret society for women in the United States. It was the first to be founded at a university and is the oldest existing secret society for women.

ADPi’s mascot is the lion and its jewel is the diamond. The sorority’s philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House, which supports and provides comfort to families with ill or injured children.

ADPi has over 150 collegiate chapters and more than 200 alumnae associations nationwide. Its members include notable figures such as Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline Boyer Bryan, and country singer Lauren Alaina.

ADPi has a long history of sisterhood and service. Its members have been involved in many philanthropic and service projects. In addition to supporting the Ronald McDonald House, ADPi members have also been involved in projects such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Red Cross, and the Special Olympics.


Delta Zeta

Delta Zeta Delta Zeta was another sorority that I really wanted to rush, but my school didn’t have this sorority either. Delta Zeta supports hearing and speech impaired programs. Delta Zeta’s colors are rose and green (how pretty!) and its symbol is the Roman Lamp.


Delta Zeta truly has a warm and embracing community, known for fostering close bonds among members. Aside from their commitment to hearing and speech causes, they are also actively involved in various philanthropic activities, including their partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This dedication to service creates a sense of purpose and provides opportunities for members to give back, while growing personally and professionally. For those interested in both sisterhood and service, Delta Zeta offers a nurturing and fulfilling space. With their motto being "love that is ever steadfast," it's clear why so many are drawn to this sorority.


Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta Kappa Delta is another gigantic sorority. I have so many friends in this sorority, and I absolutely love KD sisters! Kappa Delta’s philanthropy is adorable: Girl Scouts! But it doesn’t stop there! Kappa Delta also supports other philanthropies, such as Prevent Child Abuse America and the Children’s Hospital of Richmond, Virginia. Its motto is "Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest."


Kappa Delta not only nurtures lifelong friendships among its sisters but also places a strong emphasis on personal growth and moral excellence. The members are encouraged to engage in community service and leadership positions. KD sisters often stand out for their dedication to empowering women and building confidence in young girls through their work with the Girl Scouts. Nationwide, Kappa Delta chapters host events that foster the development of leadership skills for young women, creating a positive impact on future generations. The sorority truly lives up to its commitment to inspire its members to reach their full potential.


Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at the same college as Pi Beta Phi! KKG’s philanthropy is Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. Sisters help young people discover reading and what reading brings. How cute!


Kappa Kappa Gamma, affectionately known as "Kappas," cherish academic excellence and leadership as cornerstones of their sorority life. These women are not just about books and philanthropy; they also value building strong, supportive bonds between sisters. Through various social events, leadership workshops, and community service projects, KKG offers a well-rounded collegiate experience. With a legacy of empowering women to be their best selves, Kappa Kappa Gamma creates an environment where friendship is just the beginning of a lifelong sisterhood.


Pi Beta Phi

Pi Beta Phi Calling all angels! Pi Phi’s symbol is an arrow and its philanthropy is literacy, too. Pi Phi’s mascot is an angel. Pi Phi chapters usually host a variety of fun events, such as "Pie a Pi Phi."


The sisterhood is strong in Pi Beta Phi, where members come together to support causes that matter. With a focus on promoting reading skills and literacy programs across the nation, the sorority prides itself on giving back. From setting up pop-up bookstores to organizing read-a-thons, Pi Phi sisters are dedicated to spreading the joy of reading. Their signature philanthropic event, Read > Lead > Achieve, reflects their commitment to making a difference in the community. It's not all about work, though—Pi Phi's also know how to let their hair down with sisterhood retreats and lively socials.


Delta Delta Delta

Delta Delta Delta Also known as Tri Delta, this sorority has over 200,000 members nationwide! Sisters live by the motto "Let us steadfastly love one another." How precious! Its mascot is a dolphin, and Tri Delta’s philanthropy is Children’s Cancer Research.


Phi Mu

Phi Mu Another one of my favorites, Phi Mu is a fabulous sorority! Phi Mu’s philanthropy is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Its symbol is the quatrefoil and its mascot is the lion. I also know a few Phi Mu sisters, and they are all very driven and active in their philanthropy. It seems to be something that they care about, which is great!


Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta focuses not only on the social aspect, but also on leadership, scholarship, and philanthropic aspects. Kappa Alpha Theta’s symbol is the kite and its philanthropy is really neat. Sisters help abused and neglected children in court to really make sure the children’s voices are heard.

But keep this in mind, ladies - together Greek, individually unique. So whichever sorority you end up rushing, you’re still part of the greater Greek community! Were you involved in Greek life or are you planning on going Greek? Which sorority do you have in mind?

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This article is a little bias but okay...

Kappa Alpha Theta's true promise of hope, faith and love. Love being the most important.


AOII needs to be on this list!!!! Alpha

Gamma phi beta! Though I do love my delta gammas.

Soooo some of the biggest Panhellenic sororities arnt on here. Delta Sigma Theta should have deff. been on that list. There are no black sororities on here at all.

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