9 Ways to Write an Essay Your English Teacher Will Love Reading ...


Believe it or not, there are ways to write an essay your English teacher will love reading! It’s every teacher’s goal to watch their students develop into mature writers throughout the year, unfortunately this dream doesn’t always come true. When it does, your teacher will be over the moon! Check out these ways to write an essay your English teacher will love if you want to make their day and improve your grade!

1. Elevate Your Diction

One of the simplest ways to write an essay that will remind your English teacher why they began teaching in the first place is to elevate your diction! See what I did there? I elevated my diction instead of writing, “use fancy words”. Which sounds better? Writing with scholarly, collegiate diction will add depth and character to your essay! And that will make your English teacher fall in love with your essay. If you have trouble coming up with elevated diction to incorporate into your essays, check out my article on words to use in your essays that will impress your English teacher!

Make It Rhetorically Dense
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