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Staying safe in high school is extremely important, yet teenage girls make unsafe choices every day! They find themselves in horrible situations that are often avoidable. You can avoid being that girl by making wise choices and staying safe in high school. Here are a few tips to help to accomplish that, without missing out on traditional high school activities.

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Don't Accept Rides from Strangers

I wish I could say this was obvious, but teenage girls do it all of the time and end up in dangerous situations. Staying safe in high school practically requires that you avoid accepting rides from strangers. There are so many awful things that could result from this that you must keep it in mind constantly if you want to be safe in high school! It's natural to want to trust everyone around you, but at the end of the day that simply isn't wise.


Don't Party Too Hard

I won't tell you not to party at all in high school, because for many people it's a social obligation. But you shouldn't party too hard. You need to know your limits, not drink until you pass out or anything else that pushes your body too far. Keep in mind that whatever you do tonight will follow you into tomorrow. So make wise, safe choices when you're out on the town!


Don't Let Anyone Take Advantage of You

For some reason, teenagers think that they can use and take advantage of other teenagers. But don't let yourself be the victim in that scenario! You shouldn't be the user either of course; you should just avoid situations in which people are used in general. Adults will also take advantage of you, because they think you're naive and submissive. But no good will come of people taking advantage of you, so in order to stay safe, you should avoid people who might do precisely that.


Listen to Your Parents

Believe it or not, your parents actually know what they're talking about when they lecture you about teen safety. They've been teenagers before and made many of the mistakes you're naturally inclined to make. You should listen to their wisdom if you want to be safe as a teen, because everything they say they say for your well-being! Don't ignore them, because you may miss out on some important advice.


Be Careful What You Post

You're growing up in a time when everything that used to be private can easily become public with the touch of a button. But you should be careful what you post, because everything that enters the social media world becomes permanent. Even saying something like "Parents are gone for the weekend! Got the house to myself!" can have endless consequences. You might find plans for a party at your place circulating the school before you've even had time to consider the idea! Posting personal information like that is never a good idea for a teen struggling to stay safe in the modern world, so keep your posts limited to mini-rants and filtered photos of your frappuccino.


Take Care of Yourself

In the end, it's your job to take care of yourself and ensure your own safety. Your parents play a big role in protecting you, but not as big a role as you do! It's up to you to make wise choices and learn how to defend yourself against potential threats. You can accomplish this in a number of ways, but one idea is learning martial arts. This will teach you self-defense, self-control, and other valuable skills that will protect you from the dangers of the world.


Love Yourself

Lastly, you need to love yourself to stay safe. You won't be motivated to take care of yourself unless you love yourself, and you won't want to protect yourself as much either. I know that as a teenager it may be difficult to love yourself at times, but there's so much to love that there's no reason not to! Learn to love yourself and you'll have a much safer high school experience.

When you're young, it’s easy to ignore safety and just want to have as much fun as possible. But it's important to keep in mind these tips for staying safe in high school! Which of these do you think is the most important safety tips for teens? What other tips do you have for teens trying to stay safe in high school?

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