7 Ways to Keep Your Concentration While Studying ...

Everyone has different methods of studying, but all of them require you to concentrate. If you have the TV on in the background and keep taking breaks to watch Charlie Day crack a joke, you won't do as well on your test as you want. If you're looking to land an A, you need to focus. If you're struggling, here are a few ways to keep your concentration while studying:

1. The Right Music

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If your parents or roommates are always making noise, you'll need to drown them out with the right music. You shouldn't put on your favorite band, because you'll get distracted by singing the lyrics or looking up their newest concert dates. You need to put on some sort of instrumental music, soundtrack music, or white noise that won't ruin your concentration.

2. Elimination of Electronics

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If your notes for the test are on your computer, you should either print them out or get to the webpage and disable your connection to the Internet. You should also keep your phone on silent and put it out of your view. You can check it every hour or so to make sure that there hasn't been an emergency, but you shouldn't be constantly replying to texts while trying to memorize information.

3. Out of Your System

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You don't want to put off studying for too long, but if you know you won't be able to focus on your work until you check your email, do that first. If you know it's almost time for your dog to eat, you should feed him beforehand, too. You don't want him to interrupt your study session, because it could ruin the rhythm you develop.

4. One Step at a Time

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If you have multiple tests to study for, don't freak out. If you're studying for Chemistry, but can't stop thinking about how poorly you're going to do on your Physic's test, you won't be able to concentrate. You don't want to bounce back and fourth between activities, so make sure that while you're studying for one test, you're not worrying about another test. Focus on one thing at a time.

5. Location Matters

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If a party is going on next door, it'll be hard to concentrate. You might want to move to the library to study, so that it's easier to remain focused. You also want to be in a location that's fairly clean. If your books are all on a cluttered desk, it'll be easy for your mind to feel cluttered as well.

6. Health Comes First

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If you haven't eaten all day and haven't slept in two, it's going to be difficult to study. Believe it or not, taking care of your health is more important than your grades are. Besides, you won't be able to study properly if you keep dozing off. Your mind won't be able to function until you give your body what it needs.

7. Appropriately Timed Breaks

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Taking breaks is healthy for you. It's not a lazy thing to do, unless you're taking twenty minute breaks after every five minutes of studying. Your study time should be longer than your breaks are, but don't be afraid to stop studying every once in a while to get some food or surf the web. It's better for you to get it out of your system so that when you go back to studying, you'll actually stay focused.

It's hard to concentrate in certain circumstances, but you're strong and smart enough to do it! Do you have any other studying tips?

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