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I am in my third year of college, and I still always look for ways to stay focused in class. It gets hard sometimes. Some professors literally put me to sleep. I try so hard to look interested, but let’s face it, some classes were made to bore you to bits. Use these ways to stay focused in class and stay focused!

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Put Your Back into It

I have found that the best of my ways to stay focused in class is sitting up straight. When I slouch, I tend to be in the prime position for falling asleep. Convenient right? Wrong! My professors love to pick on me when my head starts to droop and I wake up all of a sudden. Do not fall victim to this. Get a good night’s rest, sit up straight and focus in class.


Look for Detail

There are some lectures where you feel like you are watching paint dry on the wall. That is ok. Well, no it’s not. That is as boring as I don’t know what. Look for the little details of each part of the lecture. It will feel like a scavenger hunt. Each time you find something new, you will feel like you are winning a prize instead of being bored out of your mind.


Turn off the Extra

I suggest that you go old school. Take notes by hand. If the lecture slides are not available online, take pictures of the slides with pictures, graphs, or just too much information to write down comfortably. Leave space in your notes for these items. Then after class go through your notes and fill them in. You will be able to learn more efficiently and stay focused in class as well.


Ask Questions

You know those people who ask a bunch of questions in class? Become one of them. Asking questions will help you understand the lecture better. It will also help you focus on what you do not know so that by the time the test comes around, you will comprehend it so much better.


Read Ahead

Knowing a bit about the lecture before you get to class can help you formulate those questions I mentioned in the previous point. Coming into class with a bit of previous knowledge will keep you on top of your game. You will want to know more. You will be able to pick out the little details that really matter.


Find the Good Stuff

A lot of professors love to leave little caveats throughout their lecture slides. Some will hint at test questions. Others will blatantly tell you the test question. All you have to do is focus a bit more. Try to connect the dots between what you are told and what your instructor or instructors are trying to tell you.


Do Whatever It Takes

This is perhaps the most important point of this article. Whatever it is that keeps you focused, find, keep, and learn to love it. It will drive your success in the long run. Do not be afraid to change up your routine every once in a while to maximize your efficiency. Only you know what drives you. Only you know how to keep your mind intact and your energy focused.

We all have times were we want to really hone in a class and do amazingly well. How do you focus in class?

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