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Transferring to a different school is hard, but there are many good tips for transfer students. It can be tricky to adjust to a brand new student body and academic setting. Plus, if you are transferring to another school in a different state, that’s a huge other burden in itself! Here are some useful tips for transfer students:

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Keep an Open Mind

This is one of the top tips for transfer students! If you go into a new school with a negative attitude, chances are that things will not work out in your favor. Be open to what your new school has to offer!


Do Not Dwell on the past

One of the hardest things is to get over your past. Try not to dwell on what happened in the past, how good your life was at your old school, or how alienated you used to be. You are at a new place now and you get to start fresh. Take advantage of that!


Do Not Be Discouraged by Unsuccessful Encounters

Chances are, you will come across unpleasant people while you are still adjusting to your new school. Don’t let that scenario scare you into thinking that everybody at the school is like that. There are nasty people everywhere, so just brush it off and keep looking for people you want to hang out with!


Friendships Will Be Formed

That being said, I think that it is harder to make friends as a transfer student. People have spent time together for an entire year, and groups are usually formed. But don’t give up on it – just keep this in mind if it seems like your friend-making progress is slow going.


Focus on Academics

After all, you are at school to learn, so make sure you dedicate extra time to ensure your academic success! The academics at your new school might be different or your teachers or professors’ expectations might be higher!


Join Clubs

Join clubs that interest you and friendships will naturally form! For instance, if you love animals, you school might have an organization that volunteers with animals. And remember that if your dream club does not exist, your school will very likely allow you to start one!


Have Some Quality “me Time”

Transferring is stressful and it is very easy to get lost in it all and be overwhelmed.Try to set an hour or two aside each week to unwind. Whether you want to just lay in bed and read or go for a massage, you deserve it!


Don’t Be Afraid if You Lack Cultural Capital

Different schools have different school cultures. Students speak, talk, and act a certain way. Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t familiar with any of that at your new school. It might eventually rub off on you, but even if it doesn’t, what’s wrong with being different?


Get Help

You’re at a new place and you might need help navigating the school. Take advantage of the resources at your school! Use the services offered and make the best of your situation!

These are some of the top tips that are helpful for transfer students. If you are nervous or having a tough time, just remember to stay positive! Have you ever transferred schools? Did you use any of these tips? What other tips do you have for transfer students?

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