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The summer before heading off to college is your time to prepare for a radical change in your life. After all, this summer break is going to be different and at the end of it, you will be off to college on your own! You might not even be consciously aware that everything is about to change, but time is ticking and there are a few things you must do before heading off to college.

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Learn How to Cook

Learning how to cook before heading off to college is a given. You know that the first thing you are going to miss is going to be home-cooked meals that you are currently taking for granted. So unless you want instant noodles to become a staple in your diet, this is the time to get a few recipe tips from your family. The kitchen might be a new territory for you just like it is for me, but few days spent sweating over the hot pan and you will be able to whip up your favorite meal at anytime while you are away!


Learn How to do Laundry

You will be surprised how many people don’t know how to do their own laundry. I mean why would they, if they had the convenience of someone else doing it for them? However, times are about to change and the responsibilities that we are about to take on include doing our own laundry. Therefore, unless you are ready to turn your whites into pinks, take a few notes on how to properly complete this household task.


Properly Part with Friends

Leaving for college is bittersweet. Here you are, about to embark on a new journey, yet you have to sacrifice and leave so much behind. You will most likely be separated from your friends that you are used to seeing everyday and be thrown in an environment with unfamiliar faces. This calls for a proper good bye with some of your closest friends. Make this summer unforgettable by experiencing new things with your trusty old friends and leave no regrets behind.


Spend Time with Family

No matter how happy you may be to gain independence and finally escape your overprotective parents, there is no denying that you are going to miss them the most. So spend more time with your family and pay more attention to your parents, because this is not the same as you leaving for sleep away camp and going away will be hard on everyone!


Get to Know Your Roommate

In order to not be completely taken aback on your first day on campus, take this summer to get to know your roomie. Get the conversation rolling over social media, texting or in person and slowly get to know the person whom you will be living with for the next year. The first few days will definitely be less awkward if you get a feel of what your roommate is all about.


Visit Your College

Although you will have four glorious years to get to know your college town, it never hurts to start early! Plus you want to save some embarrassment and avoid the clueless freshman moment at all costs. Knowing your surroundings never hurts and most colleges offer great overnight stay opportunities that you should take advantage of!


Frequent Your Favorite Hometown Places

Before you move miles away and leave everything that you love behind, including some of your favorite restaurants, take this as an excuse to frequent some of your favorite hot spots. Feel no regret from going out more than usual because soon you are going to have withdrawals mixed with homesickness. Therefore, you might as well kill your cravings while you can.

Getting into college might seem like you are already there, but there are quite a few things to do before you actually go to college. Everything from learning how to cook to packing must be done. What are some of your suggestions on what to do before college?

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