7 Ways to Get Your College Work Done ...


Do you need some ways to get your college work done? It's so easy to be distracted by checking Facebook or meeting up with friends, so that you end up rushing your assignments at the last minute. Try these ways to get your college work done, and you'll always have your work done ahead of schedule …

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Start Early

One of the best ways to get your college work done is to start as early as possible, perhaps even as soon as you get the assignment. This will help avoid panic as you realise time is slipping away. It's tempting to assume there's no hurry, but you could have computer problems or get sick. The earlier you start, the easier it is to get work done in plenty of time.


Plan Ahead

Planning ahead gives you a better chance of accessing popular books in the library. When I was taking a course that the entire year was doing, I made sure to do the reading a week in advance. This allowed me to get to the popular books before hundreds of other students made a beeline for them, and ensured that I had always done the required reading.



If you find it difficult to make yourself work, it can help if you write yourself a schedule. Then if you know that you should be working between 2 and 5, you're less likely to be distracted. You'll still have to be disciplined enough to stick to your schedule, but think of it as if you were being paid to work those hours and have to be at your desk.


Work Steadily

Unless you do your best work in one concentrated burst - and if you did, you probably wouldn't be reading this - it's far more productive to work steadily. An assignment is easier when you break it down into sections and do a bit every day. You'll find that working regularly should allow you to complete the work in very good time.


Work before Fun

It's also helpful if you do your work before going out and having fun. Having work to complete doesn't mean that you can't go out at all, but if you've been out partying you're not going to feel much like studying the next day. Getting your work done first also means that you can go out without having important assignments hanging over your head and spoiling your evening out.



If you need an incentive to get work done, try giving yourself little rewards for each section of work you complete. Watch a funny video, eat a piece of chocolate, or even take ten minutes to just stretch out and do nothing. Be strict and don't take your reward until you've earned it!


Switch off

Finally, switching off your internet or phone can be really helpful if you have trouble concentrating on your work. It can be too tempting to check your email, or post on Twitter. Before you know it, you've wasted hours. Switch them off and you're more likely to get on with your work.

I hope these tips help you if you're having trouble getting your college work done. Apply them and you should be able to get into a better routine and work habits. It's so satisfying getting your work completed early! Are you totally organised or do you always finish work at the last minute?

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