7 Thrilling Things to Look Forward to in College ...


For some people high school days are almost over, which means we can finally realistically think about things to look forward to in college. The idea of leaving your family and the school that you have been attending for four years now might still seem like something you just talk about. It might not have yet hit you that in a couple of months from now, you will be thrown into an unfamiliar environment with no friends or family in sight. However, that day is approaching fast and it can be scary, but we might as well look at it from a positive perspective and list things to look forward to in college!

1. Dorming

One of the top things to look forward to in college is dorming! While many people hesitate about sharing their living space with a complete stranger, usually things work out for the best. You find someone who shares your interests and living habits, and before you know it you become best friends with that person. From then on, it is as if you are having a sleepover everyday! Especially when homesickness is prevalent, it is nice to have someone around you.

Easier Class Schedule
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