9 Things to do with Your Best Friend the Day before You Leave for College ...


Graduation is sneaking up on you quicker than expected, which means it's time to try all of the things to do with your best friend before you part ways for college. Your best friend is probably the person who made high school bearable, who knows all of your secrets and loves you like a sister. Letting go will be tough, but doing things to do with your best friend the day before you take off for college will forge memories that will sustain you for a lifetime!

1. Play "what Are the Odds"

"What are the odds" is a favorite game among my group of friends, and easily makes the list of things to do with your best friend the day before you graduate. What are the odds goes something like this - your friend says "What are the odds we go to Disney land right now?" Then you choose the range of numbers (1-10, 20, or 30). After that, on the count of three you both shout out a number within the established range and if you choose the same number, you have to go to Disneyland! You'll have tons of fun playing this game and embark on adventures you never could have expected!

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