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It's easy to find yourself with a heavy workload in college. With a full course load and a part time job, it's difficult to manage everything. With a little work, it isn't as hard as you think to manage your heavy workload in college. Once you learn to juggle everything on your plate, you'll reduce your stress and excel in your classes.

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Create a Schedule

The best way I've found for managing a heavy workload in college is to create a schedule. You can't exactly do much to change the hours for your classes or job, but you can make the most of your other hours. Set aside certain times for homework, studying, exercising and even spending time with friends. This helps you create a routine which makes you feel less stressed and frantic.


Reduce Work Time

While earning money is important, it isn't worth failing your classes over. If you're too overloaded, ask for a reduction in hours at work. You can also ask about a higher paid position or look for a different job with higher pay to make up for the lost hours. Another solution is to try working online so you don't have to waste precious time commuting. Reducing work time helps you do better in your classes which could lead to a scholarship to help you pay for school.


Avoid Procrastinating

The busier you are, the more things you tend to push aside. You then find yourself rushing at the last minute to finish a big paper or study for an exam. Instead of procrastinating, do a little at a time on a regular schedule. You'll get more done and feel far less stressed. Plus, the longer you have to work on something, the better you'll do. To really make this work, set the due date several days ahead so you get finished early.


Make Time for Hobbies

No matter how many hours you're working or how many classes you're taking, you still need some downtime. Make sure you give yourself a little time each day to relax with your favorite hobby. This takes away some of the stress and gives you a break. Without a hobby, you may start to burn out before the semester is over. Try to schedule in at least 30 minutes a day to do something fun.


Drop a Class

There is such a thing as taking too many courses at once. If you really can't handle the workload, drop one of your classes. Try to drop a class that's offered every semester so you can pick it back up the next semester. Usually you can drop a class without a penalty within the first week or two. It's not worth having to pay to take a class a second time just because you were overloaded. Trim down the course load and give yourself some breathing room.


Talk to Your Professors

Believe it or not, most college professors are pretty understanding. If you need a little extra time on a project, don't be afraid to ask. Your professors might also be able to give you advice on getting things done faster. In addition to professors, talk to your counselor for tips. They're used to seeing students stressed over heavy workloads and will help you find the right balance for your life.


Skip the Extras

Trying to go to every party or join every club only increases your load. Skip the things you don't absolutely love. You only have so much time each day. You'll enjoy the extracurricular activities much more if you don't feel so rushed. Plus, you'll have more time for important things like school and work.


Take Breaks

Everyone needs a break. Set aside some time each week to step away from college and work. Whether you just watch TV or take a drive somewhere with friends, a few hours break makes your daily workload not seem so bad. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to. Remember, your mind and body needs a break to function at its best. If possible, take a few short breaks every day.


Work with Friends

When you have your friends with you, you have more fun. Try to partner with friends that share the same classes as you. You can study or work on homework together. You can even try to work at the same place. It doesn't seem nearly as difficult when you're laughing with your friends. You'll find yourself getting more done in a shorter period.

It's easy to overextend yourself in college. Between work, school and friends, it's hard to juggle everything. By making a few important changes, a heavy workload isn't impossible to manage. How do you manage a heavy workload?

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