7 Horrible High School Problems You Won't Worry about in College ...


7 Horrible High School Problems You Won't Worry about in College ...
7 Horrible High School Problems You Won't Worry about in College ...

There are some pretty rough high school problems that you won't have to worry about once you enter college. Even though you'll still be in school, the situations will be entirely different. It will be like you've entered a whole new world. Here are some of the most annoying high school problems that you won't have to worry about once you graduate and enter college:

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Getting Made Fun of

At any age, people can be mean, but high school students are way more vicious than college students are. In college, you're expected to be unique, instead of trying to wear all of the hottest trends and acting just like everybody else. If the biggest one of your high school problems has been trying to be accepted by others, you'll enjoy the college life. There are so many different groups of people that you'll easily find a place to fit in.


Waking up Early

If you hate waking up at six in the morning, you never have to do it again. You get to choose your own schedule in college, which means that you can stick to taking night classes. That way, you won't be drowsy and fall asleep on your desk.


Having No Friends in Class

Don't you hate how you and your friends never end up in the same lunch period? Well, since you get to make your own schedule in college, you can plan your classes along with your friends. You can take courses together, or at least plan out a time of day where you're both free, so you can get lunch together.


Having No Good Clubs

Does your high school only offer boring extracurricular activities that you're not at all interested in? Well, in college, they'll be dozens of more activities to partake in. No matter what you're interested in, they'll be a club for it. If there isn't, then you can create one. Colleges are much more easygoing than high schools are, so you shouldn't have trouble getting approved to create a club.


Being Forced to Talk in Class

If you hate talking in class, you can go to a huge college with lecture classes. That way, you won't have to worry about getting called on randomly and being embarrassed in front of the class. You can just sit in the corner and learn without your social anxiety acting up.


Being Away from Your Computer

You'll use your laptop way more in college than you ever used it in high school. Most of your assignments will be submitted online and the majority of them will have to be typed instead of handwritten. If you love your electronics devices, college will give you a lot of chances to use them.


Depending on Your Parents

Don't you hate how you have to rely on your parents to drive you places and how you have to ask their permission before you go out with your friends? Well, if you live on campus, your parents won't be around to tell you when to go to bed. You'll be in charge of your own life, so you're free to do as you please.

College has its downsides, but it's much better than high school in a lot of ways. If this list can't convince you, you'll just have to wait and see for yourself. Are you excited to enter college or are you dreading the change?

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The majority of these definitely still happen. If anything, you depend on your parents way more than you thought you would need to. Not everyone gets all these scholarships and other opportunities where school is just paid off. With student loans, some students still have a negative balance and can't pay for it themselves. That's when parents step in. Not to mention, they may give you money for incidentals like gas money, spending money, whatever. It's a whole other situation if you're in a sorority. Then there's dues and that's another expense. Still having to wake up early is definitely possible. As a freshman, you don't always get your first pick of classes so you may just get a class that you have to wake up at 7 am for. Also, being forced to talk in class is definitely still a thing in college! And yes, it is definitely possible you won't have friends in class right off the bat. Unless you bad your friends are planning on going to the same college, you won't really no anyone at all. And you definitely get made fun of! It's like a guarantee, but the moment you mess up, believe that someone is gonna hear about it, especially when you go to a small school like I do. Nice try on the article, though.

Lol, your still going to depend on your parents! Who else is going to send you extra spending money, care packages, and do all the laundry that you bring home during your breaks?

1-3, 5, and 7 still regularly happen

I can't wait for college !

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