7 Quotes to Keep in Mind during Senior Year ...


7 Quotes to Keep in Mind during Senior Year ...
7 Quotes to Keep in Mind during Senior Year ...

During your senior year, it's a good idea to keep in mind the wise words of others regarding the future as well as living in the moment. Your senior year should be fun, but it's also a critical period in your life. I'm certain you'll find at least a few of these quotes relevant; if you do, then keep them in mind throughout the rest of your year.

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Jerry Zucker

Your youth is all about dreaming big and reaching for the stars! But sometimes good things come to lazy people. That’s lucky, and that’s still fantastic, but you won’t get the the same sort of satisfaction if your dreams come true without hard work.


Dr. Seuss

One of the most important lessons a young person can learn is to be confident! Once you become more self-confident, you’ll be able to speak your mind, which is an important skill to have during your senior year of high school and beyond. You’re only as happy as you let yourself be! So forget all the “haters” focus on your true friends and just be yourself! Senior year is all about having fun, but you can’t do that without staying true to who you are!


Arie Pencovici

This isn't to say that your graduation day isn't a big deal, because it is! But, having this mindset can help you be successful every day leading up to graduation and every day after it. If you look back to who you were freshman year, it's obvious that you've changed, right? Because every day you graduate into the next phase of you! Keep this in mind so that you can constantly be improving.


Albert Einstein

You're about to step into a world much bigger and more intimidating than your high school. Whether you attend university, community college, or enter the work force, things are about to change drastically. So, during senior year, you should mentally prepare yourself for that! This quote reminds you not to underestimate yourself. It's time to realize your potential and search for your unique talents, because what makes you you is what will ultimately lead to your success.


Marilyn Monroe

As I've said, senior year should be a time of having fun and living it up! This is your last year in mandatory education, and it's been a wild ride! You shouldn't live with regrets about what you've done in high school, so don't throw caution to the wind, but you also shouldn't regret what you didn't do in high school! For ideas of what to do before you graduate high school, look here! teen.allwomenstalk.com


Harper Lee

In high school, we tend to form cliques. Even if they aren't as obvious as the ones in movies like Mean Girls, they still exist. But during your senior year, you should acknowledge the importance of understanding people you assumed you wouldn’t get along with. Everyone–even the boneheaded jock, the antisocial nerd, the vapid airhead—has something to contribute to this world and to your growth as a person. Forget about social barriers and take a walk in someone else’s shoes. You'll definitely learn something new about them, and maybe even something new about yourself!


Ella Fitzgerald

This year, before your life takes off, people will try to deter you from following your dreams. Don't listen to them! Nothing is more powerful than love and inspiration driving you toward a career path. If you really, truly want it, you can make anything happen, no matter what the naysayers claim!

Ultimately, this year just have fun, be yourself, and don't stop reaching for the stars! This year marks the pinnacle of your high school education; how do you intend to spend it? Which of these quotes really hit home for you?

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I am 99.99999999% sure Marilyn Monroe did not say that.

It's Karen Gillan from doctor who

Great reading and food f thought :)

Who is the girl on the cover pic? Love her hair! ;) nice article!

Thanks Taylah!

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