11 National Sororities to Consider Rushing ...

With so many national sororities to choose from, it's hard to narrow them down! It is helpful to see which sororities your own campus has, so you donโ€™t look forward to one and then later be disappointed that it doesnโ€™t exist at your school. Here are a few of the top national sororities that you should definitely check out.

1. Chi Omega

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Gotto go Chi O! Chi O is the largest member of the National Panhellenic Conference for a reason. Chi Omega is one of my all-time favorite national sororities, even though itโ€™s not my own. I know so many wonderful ladies in this sorority. Chi Omegaโ€™s philanthropy is Make-A-Wish Foundation, itโ€™s mascot is an owl, the symbol is a skull and crossbones, the colors are cardinal and straw, and their motto is "Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals."

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